Ever since I updated my desktop with a Ryxen 2700x and an ASRock b450m I've had a ton of random crashes. The cmos doesn't clear no matter how long I hold a metal object to the jumpers. Where can I find my crash logs with system to/journald?

What is the benefit of a NAS vs just having an old desktop with storage attached to the Network? I guess it's still technically network attached storage. But I want to use my old parts for a mini home server. By old I mean a Ryxen 2200g, 16 ram, and random ssds and hdds.

Nice to see there's a trending now widget on mastodon... oh, the trending # is .

Love update: manjaro crashed so often I could've duckduckgo the problem. Back to solus

Just switched to manjaro and I like the opportunity available but I have no idea where to start with customizing everything.

Our university just got a slew of spam emails from protonmail.com addresses :( sad to see it's been used for a lot of spam.

I seem to have been locked out of my Pi's sudoer account. This must mean it was hacked since I have done nothing to change the accounts. Time to re-flash with heightened security in mind.

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Not mine, found on Reddit, where it is credited to "Fokawolf."

Just ended my Amazon prime membership, I had to click through five of basically the same screen saying "are you SURE you want to cancel?". With the "no, keep my membership" option being highlighted and more prominent.

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Our complete company LimeSurvey GmbH and all its employees will join the today at 12:00 at , Jungfernstieg. We think corporations have a huge responsibility for our society benefit. We have to save the world for our children. Join us!

Which is your favorite rolling release distro?

I have a mouse with silent clicks and I love it. I don't need a sound to tell me that I've clicked.

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Starting up a hugo site this week, any tips?

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