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PSA: please stay clear of r/pinephone. The subreddit is ran in bad faith and for nefarious reasons. Full statement in the provided link:

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"the climate emergency risks far more lives than coronavirus. The market cannot solve that problem either, it only makes it worse. So for the good of all humanity, we have to see coronavirus as a wake-up call. The market will not save us."

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If anyone is interested in supporting Khanacademy. I personally love the site and the idea.

Also don't forget about Wikipedia lol. Both sites are awesome.

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Zoom, do you have any teeth left in that big ol' punchable head?

Turns out their linux package is legit dangerous and full of bash pitfalls.


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All eyes on Zoom:

1⃣ Zoom will “probably” strip all tracking and cookies from its website
2⃣ All meetings will require password protection
3⃣ They'll consider open-sourcing Zoom’s code

Promising words. Now hope to see some action.

Just learned that we have a family of red foxes under our shed! The kits are really tiny and cute.

Weird, I can only access nextcloud with a URL like [my IP]/index.php/apps/deck/#!/ But not that same thing without "/#1". And everything seems to be configured right, but my personal domain or the local IP don't work as just themselves

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Anyone within the sound of this toot have any experience running large webinars?
5,000 - 10,000 participants?

I'm looking for best practices, pitfalls when running things that big.

Boosts appreciated.

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Someone decomposed the app about Covid-19 situation from russian gov that tracks people movement. It is not limited by that, it sends telemetry using camera and tries to identify you. I think it also can look into your contact list. And the most important part -- it sends this info to russian gov site without any encryption and is not even using https. I guess there will be hard times for our privacy after coronavirus.

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Any recommendations for FOSS weather apps with widgets? I just want my local weather on my home screen.
I was using Dark Sky but looks like they're abandoning Android and I wanted a FOSS alternative anyway.

What open source weather apps do you folks suggest?

I'm late for but need to start at some point. My dog loves hanging out in the bathroom.

Aww man, I plugged in and set up my server far away from my monitors and can't connect via SSH, too lazy to bring a display and keyboard over to it.

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is a system uptime tracker.

uptimed is a daemon that tracks the amount of time a computer/server has been running. uptimed makes notes of when records are broken, which can be viewed through the command, or can be sent to an email address when the new record is set.

Website 🔗️:

apt 📦️: uptimed

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Coffee sustains. Coffee is life.

Praise be to coffee.

Does anyone have experience with LVM snapshots?

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