Is there anyone who doesn't program who uses a window manager?

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..dalla Groenlandia all'Amazzonia:
non è fuoco, è capitalismo.

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Oof, I thought I was saving my keepass database to a syncthing folder to keep it current with my phone laptop and desktop but it looks like I did it wrong. Time to sync them up.

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It's time for us to give back -- not just to our community, but to those less privileged.

Read about it in our new blog post:

I've tried all the fixes i could find from forums.

Can't get sound output to my speakers to work at all with Ubuntu Studio, other than that I love it. Hard to make music if i can't hear what I'm doing.

Super glad i can find a distro that works with my midi controller though.

Oh no. I've overwritten my old boot partition. How do you go about making your boot partition work with your old solus' file system? Time to Google a bunch.

Just installed Ubuntu Studio on my spare SSD. Hopefully I can actually get jack to work.

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Just finished the timeline for the e-zine project:

Please take a look if you're interested in the project so you can familiarize yourself with the due dates.

Please boost to help increase awareness of the e-zine!

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Just a reminder that I'm working on an infosec/cybersecurity e-zine! Here's what you can expect from it!

This is still in the planning stages so I'd be extremely appreciative if you folk would boost and give feedback if you'd like to see this project succeed all the way to publication! :)

On my work laptop Windows is using 6 gigs of RAM with a total of 7 tabs of Firefox open. There's nothing too complex happening but windows has such bad baseline performance on this laptop.

So many people act like it's totally normal and common to use VMs and Docker and things like that. But the average user, even many developers, don't use those at all really.

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Disturbing video taken in just across the boarder with . Something extraordinarily bad is about happen.

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This is a Fosstodon and general Mastodon appreciation toot. I love it here, and have had some great conversations with people already on my short journey thus far. Such pleasant people.

Aww, you can only add 4 choices on the poll feature.
I wanted to ask what people's favorite Desktop Environments are. Here are 4 options, obviously influenced by my bias.

There should be a Star trek/Marie Kondo spin off show called "Clean Me Up Scotty"

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Calling all digital artists:

Inspired by the NSA security propaganda posters released on April 17th*, I'd like to publish an e-zine featuring some modern-day infosec propaganda posters.

The general idea is to focus on personal data privacy and the numerous data leaks that occur almost weekly now.

Timeline coming in a week or so but projected publication date (self-publish) would be towards the end of September.

Artists should keep in mind a "letter" size format.

Do I try out Manjaro (XFCE), MxLinux (XFCE), Ubuntu MATE, or Xubuntu? I want to try a lighter weight DE.

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