My internet speed on my desktop has crawled to ~1.5mb per sec but also 8mb up. Other devices, that are also on Ethernet connected to the same switch, are getting 86mg per sec which is what I'm paying for.

Would a Raspberry Pi 3+ Be able to handle PiHole, Unbound, and PiVPN?

Is there an easy way to backup my nextcloud instance if I'm using the snap? I really just need to make periodic backup of the Decks app, the other stuff isn't as important.

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I wish there was a strong black market for printer ink, I would gladly buy ink refills from back alleys and dive bars.

Been using NewsBlur for a few days now and love it. It is very responsive and makes me feel like such a news junkie. I do wish it had a "discover" feature so I could easily find popular rss sources from major news sources.

Setting up letsencrypt on my nextcloud is more time consuming than I thought. There goes my afternoon and it's still not solved.

What's the best terminal program to check sysmon stuff off my server via ssh. Htop isn't pretty enough for me and I'm not as interested in seeing a list of processes, I like cool graphs.

What is the best way to install KeepassXC to keep it up to date? Appimage? Pacman/aur? Just the Manjaro repos? It seems to have frequent updates and Manjaro repos seem to be like a week or so behind (I guess because most updates are weekly)

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Noob question, would this: ISP > modem > router > switch > server/pi/desktop work?

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HP Instant Ink is evil. The ink cartridges they mail you from the free trial stop working once you cancel the trial. I've just been sent junk ink that won't work, this is so wasteful.

Just ordered a switch and ethernet cables, now all my devices will be hard wired to the net.

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career advice? 

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If Microsoft is serious about this then much respect to them! Though I'd be curious to hear more details about their plan.

In for a big snowstorm today! So glad I can leave work early and do some stuff from home.

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Noam Chomsky: America Has Built a Global Dystopia

In the first installment of a two-part interview, Robert Scheer meets the renowned thinker for the first time to discuss world politics.

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hey Win7 users, it's time to try Linux.

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