Didn't open SUSE have plans to change their name? Whatever happened with that?

FINALLY found a printer that works super easy with cups/linux! Tried 3 different HP printers.

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Google and Facebook together receive 50% of the total worldwide digital ad spending in 2019. That's $103.73 billion and $67.37 billion respectively. They gained this position due to the incredibly detailed profiles of their users that they collected. Therefore these two companies enable advertisers to target a very specific audience for their ads.

Source for ad spending 2019:

I'm adding a gui to my server because it makes certain things easier and I then have a second desktop comp. I can still just boot it in "server" mode.

WT Social (the wikipedia social network) is terrible.

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Just want to remind you of the . If you're not happy with , no engagement whatsoever for the four days December 10th through 13th. Block it in your hosts file.

If you post videos, @DissidentKitty has some resources you can use to notify your subscribers. (radical.town/@DissidentKitty/1)

Unless we demonstrate that their monopoly is fragile, things won't change.

I put tusky in my username before I knew about the app. I do use it, but I was thinking about mastodons the creature and their big tusks.

So I went from the amd stock Wraith Prism cooler (40C idle and LOUD) to the Darkrock slim (30c idle) my life has changed for the better

Wow, sad to hear. The VPN company Private Internet Access was bought by the people behind Kape and CyberGhost. They are known for making tracking malware.

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is an easy to use graphical tiling .

In Tilix the user can open multiple full-window sessions which can each have their own terminals. These terminals can be tiled in many ways, and are easily moved and resized using the mouse. If needed terminals can be maximized to the full window, or closed when not needed. Terminals can also be searched, made read only, and have quick access bookmarks.

Website 🔗️: gnunn1.github.io/tilix-web/

apt 📦️: tilix

I'm super excited. Just bought a new PC case, CPU fan, PSU, and 4tb HDD. Its not the flashy stuff, but it will be nice to have a cleaner, quieter build.

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, I need your !

I work for Mama Cash, an amazing NGO that supports women, girls, trans and intersex rights. We have an environmental justice portfolio that funds those that suffer the most from climate change. Unfortunately we're almost out of funds, so we're trying to raise at least 20K.

My goal is to raise 500 euro. If you can, please help by donating: for.mamacash.org/fundraiser/Gi

The largest donation will receive a personalized gift from me 🎉

Info: youtube.com/watch?v=Ku-YLY5Ki3

Is there anything besides a VPN I can use so that my ISP doesn't get all whiney when I download a file that someone has generously shared over the internet? I tried sharing The Good Place files and got a letter from my ISP...

Apple just banned and deleted vaping apps from the app store. This is very silly to me. Are they trying for a better headline compared to what they did to hong kong protest maps?

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I guess I could just get a 32' to add to my current 24' one. I like the ability to have more programs open like music and a sysmonitor.

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Does anyone know a good article that describes the benefits and drawbacks of decentralization in the context of technology, like social media and servers?

Would like a concrete article to link to and haven't written one myself. Please not from Medium.

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How are folks from mastodon.social able to find my toots/follow me? From the federated timeline? Hashtag noob hour.

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