How to keep a Split-DNS setup when DHCP doesn't give you all the search domains with Network Manager

The COVID-19 Tracing apps are like reverse Pokémon Go. Stay home and catch nothing.

Portable touchscreens are quite expensive, but with an old Nexus 9 tablet laying around, VNC, Xorg and xrandr wizardry I got pretty close.

It's so quiet at the office that the only thing you can hear is the AC, keyboard keys and the occasional cough.

So euh, is Microsoft's version called ? * runs out of the room *

Sweet, integrated way for hiding desktop icons without having to install Gnome Tweaks for something so simple. 20.04 is going to be a bomb

The first rule of startup club is that there are no rules (until the government finds out about you or until you've been acquired in which case it's someone else's problem now as you disappear into the sunset with all the money)

People upset about DoH in Firefox using Cloudflare, but use as their upstream resolver. They exist.

My own quote seems to hold up well: "If something makes absolutely no technical sense, follow the money trail"

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