This is a good write-up of the #youtubedl situation that should be accessible to non-techies:

If you need something to link your friends, family, or political representative to so that they can understand how absolutely preposterous and harmful the youtube-dl takedown is, this is a good link to have at hand.

How do I learn to love C? Most of my experience with it in college was doing things that I would find easier to do in other languages.

I feel like I just have the wrong mindset when writing C. Does anyone have any recommendations on books, videos, etc. that they think would be helpful?

Boosts appreciated.

#c #programming #linux #unix

started something, if English is not your native language and you've tried to raise awareness of social media risks, finding resources can be hard.
Consider translating some?

@humanetech Boosts appreciated

Good news for all those waiting for and dev kits - They are available the the Pine Store (

NB. The PineTime now ships with @codingfield's FOSS InfiniTime firmware!

#PineTime now available in @ThePine64 Store! I highly recommend getting the Pogo Pins and an ST-Link v2 USB programmer

@carlospg @narF I wrote in English/Japanese
Order of timelines / ใ‚ฟใ‚คใƒ ใƒฉใ‚คใƒณใฎ้ †ๅบ | Cutls Blog -

Proposition #1: A feed which groups posts from the same user. When I open my main timeline, I would see 1 entry per user, maybe their most recent post, with a button to expend the block and see their previous posts. Kinda like opening their profile page. Ideally the system would have a way to know which posts I already saw in a previous visit and would hide those behind another fold. This way, if someone post a lot of message, they don't flood my timeline.

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I want to talk about algorithms on social media. Specifically about how mastodon and the Fediverse often write on their presentation page or feature list about how they "don't have algorithms" because they display posts in chronological order.

๐Ÿ‘‡A thread

Update on my journey through Rust ๐Ÿฆ€: just finished chapter 8. Biggest lesson: most programmers never become aware of how complex string types really are, specially when taking UTF-8 into account.

The Mozilla layoff is terrible - not only for the former workers, but also the web at large.

If we are concerned about the future of a more private & secure web, without a monopoly - we might want to double-down on our support of Mozilla to ensure that more people keep their jobs.

Being vocal about the direction of #Firefox & #Mozilla to appropriate channels is surely needed - less Google & more innovation.

Let's work to oust any leadership without the vision we all need for a better web.

@celia It might be a good idea to try and create a Foss alternative to the likes of Siri and Google Assistant. :blobthinkingeyes:

More lines of code means more bugs. Therefore, the easiest way to write less bugs is to write less code. Thatโ€™s not to say doing so would take less time. Indeed, large software projects often grow large because of a lack of time.

Sad day for the open web: If you are part of the #MozillaLifeboat contact us! We're constantly looking for developers passionate about #privacy and #opensource to improve our completely Google-free email service! Let's continue building a better web. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ™Œ

I've just donated to PeerTube project. Very nice site they have, I really appreciated it and watched a few Blender Studios videos.

Sign our petition: give students #UserFreedom! We call on schools to drop requirements for students to use proprietary software to participate in a course, and to adopt free software replacements:

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