For all those who are struggling with the recently big social media outages: this is a moment of reflexion about resilence and how de-centralized and distributed networks are strong versus the single point of failure. Think about it when you are becoming dependant on those kinds of services, the future of internet services should be the less dependant possible on big tech centralized companies for good.

A big 🎈 🎉 WELCOME 🎉🎈 to our newest moderators, Hund and Tayo! We're happy to have them, both, on board. If you want to know a little more about them or our other amazing staff members, check the link below.

Does anybody use exa?

Day 5 of the 2021 Series:

Google's recent announcement that they're going to be limiting 3rd party access to Chrome APIs has me a little nervous. It's probably unfounded, but if it's not, serves me right.

AnonAddy: Open-source Anonymous Email Forwarding. Create unlimited email aliases for free:

LibreTranslate: Open Source Machine Translation 100% Self-hosted. No limites. No ties to propietary services:

This is a great open source alternative to Letscrypt and old-school SSL compatines:

Day 94 of the Series:

It came today, and unfortunately I only had a couple minutes to poke around. Hopefully tomorrow there'll be more time. Still, I plunked some words down on a page.

Don't use a piece of software just because everyone else is. Do some research and make your own decisions.

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