LibreTranslate: Open Source Machine Translation 100% Self-hosted. No limites. No ties to propietary services:

This is a great open source alternative to Letscrypt and old-school SSL compatines:

Day 94 of the Series:

It came today, and unfortunately I only had a couple minutes to poke around. Hopefully tomorrow there'll be more time. Still, I plunked some words down on a page.

Don't use a piece of software just because everyone else is. Do some research and make your own decisions.

I did another drawing. This time it’s Captain America.

Stories like this are great!
It seems criticism is more forthcoming than praise. That probably is true for everywhere but particularly so in IT. As more companies are put under duress during the pandemic, and their IT crews struggle to adapt to systems and scenarios that management should have planned for years ago, it's interesting to watch how a company treats it's workers. I feel if you're in the industry, now is the time where your bosses show their true colors.


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