Thanks for your responses and the encouragement! As I said, very cool community.
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I've been in Fosstodon for over a year now but mostly silent as I don't think I have a lot of interesting things to say.

I've learnt a lot about FLOSS though, very cool community around here and the Fediverse in general.

It might look a bit shady to share a promotional code but it's nothing weird. It shows up on the side of some of their community tutorials.

You can also get €50 credit on your account for every tutorial you write and they publish.

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For the moment, I'm constraint on my budget so that was the main factor I was considering when choosing a VPS provider.

In case is useful for someone: You can currently benefit from 2 coupon codes for Hetzner Cloud that add up to each other (only for new accounts)

By Referral signup (20 €): You need a code from someone else. Valid for 1 month.


Community Promotion 2021 (20€): HCC21-C9KS78. Valid for 3 months.

That gives you roughly 40€ to spend in 3 months, which is not bad.

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I recently deployed a basic VPS with and so far the experience has been very good.


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