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A new antifascist action logo, "against Putin and all his bootlickers", by/via @Dywizjon161.

public disclosure: I'm now officially off birdsite forever, i *will* be recycling those posts

Star Trek: Picard spoilers 

as always, masterful acting by all involved, but there's not much you can do with the material you're given in this case

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Star Trek: Picard spoilers 

i think between the Wesley appearance and Agnes the Kewpie Borg I'm kinda done with Trek. i thought i was done with Trek after the JJ reboot, I think I should have listened to that feeling lol

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Star Trek: Picard spoilers 

finished the season of Picard and probably cancelling P+ soon, holy shit was that dogshit

me, to non-tech friend: so yeah a lot of the job was scripting in this pretty obscure language called—
them: —uh-huh—
me: "tickle"
them: oh, no i don't like that
me: well it's spelled Tcl
them: that's almost worse

Worf: Do you believe in life after death?
Miles: I’m still hoping for a life before death. now redirects to a Twitter account.

How the mighty have fallen.

security through obscurity means your password should be lyrics from this new band i like, you've probably never heard of them

i appreciate your acidic sense of humor, but you're so basic it just makes you look salty

not like 30 seconds into a tom7 video when he invents the word "anachillaxis"

highlights were Colm Meaney and Sid El Fadil goofing around just like Miles and Julian would, and Brent Spiner telling me to believe in myself

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so I had a dream that I was teaching a master's level recitation section on general relativity (which I absolutely could not do irl lol) and a huge number of star trek actors were taking my section

hey! you! follow this weirdo (that's where I'm going to do toots that violate the "don't be confrontational" and "no pooptooting" rules)

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