my succulents garden, or as I call it "da succ zone"

listening to Meteora on sp*tify and struck by the fact that Easier To Run has really low listen numbers comparatively... is it really that unpopular? I thought it was one of the hits!

the boosted omicron-haver's notes:
- this shit is hella contagious
- masking is good but it's not perfect
- vaccines don't keep you from catching omicron, mostly
- they're apparently very effective at preventing severe disease in people with few risk factors
- there's a lot of real estate between "no big deal" and "severe disease"
- shit sucks
- otc drugs good (I used NyQuil Severe and ibuprofen, other people get good mileage out of Mucinex)

when your automation spawns processes that don't want to die, those are Children of the Cron

when you try for a good, like, five minutes to say something that's never been said before, then just go with something trite, that's a half-ass legomenon

just learned that my literal twelve year old thought the book was called "To Eat A Hummingbird". i sincerely hope he was trolling

I have gotten off Twitter and stopped my unhealthy addiction to -le games, by substituting a different unhealthy addiction to dimension 20

between "Electric Cowboy Lasso-Swingin' Doogie-Wrasslin' Party Zone, Grille, & Microbrewery" and "Plug's Butt-Ugly Stuff Hut", actual play has the best location names in internet comedy

We are in the midst of another COVID-19 surge in the US, but testing sites are no longer widely available in some areas. If you live in the US and have not yet done so, you can request free at-home tests via this website:

finally finished this season of Dimension 20, I was straight up not going to be functional until I got through the finale. excellent, excellent work, probably the very best Actual Play I've ever seen.

yeah I got the master right here (whips out a transparent plastic cassette)

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I love that John Darnielle released a remaster of an album that was recorded entirely on a Panasonic boombox

Hey GNU/Linux users, what distro are you using for your main PC desktops/laptops?

“Corporations work so well, we should make public services work like them.”

– Idiots.

Optimist: The glass is ½ full.
Pessimist: The glass is ½ empty.
Excel: The glass is January 2nd.

@capn_b the one I thought of the other day was I Would Dye 4 U

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