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I wrote up a blog post on how I installed a server on . Still testing it out so not quite ready for Production but getting close!

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TIL that archlinux hosts a website with the man pages of all arch packages. It also has pretty good search functionality and is up to date!

If you're using firefox, you can also create a keyword bookmark to to have `man xyz` redirect to the appropriate man page.

USA 3 - 2 TUR




4 blog posts and 18 commits today, good job me

Our thoughts change but the messages we sent, presenting our thoughts, always exist.

Some 'centralised' services like Telegram allow you to delete any message or send self destructive messages. Neither solves the problem completely, but better than nothing.

This is where the issue that keeps me from using decentralised/federated protocols like email, xmpp and matrix comes into focus. These are even worse when it comes to destroying messages from both sides. Anxiety, stress and

As adding some emojis to everything has become quite popular, sorting algorithms should now consider taking into account the emojis that placed at the beginning of an input,

😴 B -> 🎧 A
🎧 A -> 😴 B
πŸ’™ D -> πŸ”” C
πŸ”” C -> πŸ’™ D

Yes, I need this.

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Are there any dedicated shortcut keyboards that I can make my own shortcuts with?

Like a keypad with buttons for assigning new shortcuts, like shell commands...

Without using 3D printers (no DIY), maybe?

Which of the following apps do you think is more secure 'by default'? (normal 1v1 chats)

What do you use Termux for on Android?

In my experience it's good to use for SSHing and some Tasker automations like "if this happens, then run that script on Termux".

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A while ago, television commercials, even some "scientists" suggested smoking for various pseudo benefits. But today we know that this is not something you should recommend to anyone. Maybe this was too much for something like music, but I believe there's overconsumption of music, and streaming services causes this fake trend.

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Music streaming services like Spotify started to portray music as a necessity for everyone, but is that true?

Have you ever keep yourself away from listening to music for a while? After a few days of music fasting, when I listen to music it impresses me even more.

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I often see posts about getting rid of Spotify and finding alternatives. It made me think about music consumption.

When to listen to music? Should it always play in the background? Should wear headphones before going to sleep every night? Fitness without music is impossible?

Maybe we should call it "music addiction" or "music overconsumption" that may cause distractibility, headache, hearing loss (headphones). Overconsumption leads to overproduction, which in turn may cause depreciation.

You're smarter than all, I'm smarter than all, then who is the smartest?

"The greatest fools are ofttimes more clever than the men who laugh at them."

George R.R. Martin, A Storm of Swords

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