What are your favorite browser extensions? Maybe we can make a useful list of extensions.

1. Dark Reader: Dark theme for all websites
2. uBlock Origin: Best ad-blocker?

Algorithms are good at first but they cause you get stuck at some point in time and you'll see a reflection of yourself which isn't (always) (entirely) you.

The result of these algorithms will keep you in this loop and your interests may not have a chance to change.

× "access your data for all websites".

I have to read source code for almost all extensions that require this permission. should handle this in a better way. chromium provides an option to activate an extension on click. I'm not sure whether it solves that problem though.

all the countries that do not use the metric system. fyi.

le trou, an amazing french movie i watched recently

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"Reclaim your freedom with free libre software now" is a good lecture given by doctor Richard Stallman in 2016. It is worth watching if you wonder why large corporate hate-groups like #IBM & #RedHat, #SUSE, #Framasoft and the #GNOME want him cancelled.

for those of you who do not use spotify or something similar because of various especially privacy concerns, what do you use to discover new music and access them easily? newpipe is good, but is enough?

AnonAddy is an app for anonymous email forwarding and it allows you to create unlimited email aliases for free. (its paid plans are so cheap, $1-2). I've been using it for months.

1- anonaddy.com
2- f-droid.org/packages/host.stjin.anonaddy

what's wrong with twitter? it's almost always like this for me. anyone seeing the same error for a long time? (i dont have an account, also disabled ad blockers)

removing icons and colors, calling it minimalist

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Found out ngrok is no longer #FOSS. So thinking of using pgrok, a #freesw fork of ngrok but free and unlimited! And the best thing is, it supports subdomains for free! 👍

If you have a #server running on port 80, run:

pgrok -subdomain=yourcustomsubdomain 80

Then open yourcustomsubdomain.ejemplo.me to access your local server from anywhere in the world*.

Code: github.com/jerson/pgrok
Download: github.com/jerson/pgrok/releas

* works as long as it's running
#local #tunneling

what do you think about archive.org? they require you to prove that you own the domain name to remove the content they archived. but they didn't ask your permission before doing so. how can you prove that for a domain registered ten years ago (think about whois privacy)? their bots don't even respect robots.txt files so you can't stop them from archiving your personal site.

the way antiviruses work is a problem in itself.

"quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

which do you think is the best separator for title and site name? a pipe | or a bullet • or what?

's some thoughts surprised me and I agree with most people about it, but there are some people trying to increase the damage by distorting these thoughts.

you should try gridsome, it's awesome.

using gifs in articles is distracting

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