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Hi all! I'm trying out this fediverse/mastodon thing.

I'm here mostly for (1) free/libre & open source software, (2) accessibility, (3) science fiction and fantasy, and (4) queer/trans joy.

Excited to see @plausible switch over to the AGPL! They're a really impressive open source web analytics project/company.

I've been becoming an nerd this year, and here's my latest entry!

In "Accessibility Adventures: October 2020," I touch on accessible gaming, compliance/conformance to laws & standards, and classless stylesheets

I am excited to share this recent personal essay of mine about & !

The title basically sums it up: "Holy Shit! Representation Matters! Or, How SFF Helped Me Realize I’m Nonbinary"

Any reviews of The Vela Season 2 from Serial Box out there?

I heard good things about season 1, but haven't read it yet. I noticed they have new writers for season 2, and I'm wondering what's up with that and how it's working out

This is a great Vox video about decarbonizing 👍

"How America can leave fossil fuels behind, in one chart" on YouTube

Finished reading this book today. These are so delightful <3 Highly recommend!

"It's also important because of the parallels between what the economy does to an ecological system and what the attention economy does to our attention. In both cases, there's a tendency toward an aggressive monoculture, where those components that are seen as "not useful" and which cannot be appropriated (by loggers or by Facebook) are the first to go."
—Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing (xviii) (2/2)

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"It's important for me to link my critique of the attention economy to the promise of bioregional awareness because I believe that capitalism, colonialist thinking, loneliness, and an abusive stance toward the environment all coproduce one another."
—Jenny Odell, How to Do Nothing (xviii) (1/2)

@fossandcrafts: I loved your recent episode on Spritely! I saw Chris posting about Spritely before but I didn't really understand it, and so now I have so much more context than before and it sounds awesome! Also, the car recording was just fine for me 👍

I just set up keyboard shortcuts to open my text editor Atom in different directories. Super+1 goes to my notes folder. Super+2 goes to my Jekyll blog. It's delightful. Anyone else do this?

I just read Carrie Vaughn's new Robin Hood novellas from — The Ghosts of Sherwood and The Heirs of Locksley — and there were so lovely! ❤️

They're set later than most Robin Hood tales — they're more about Robin's children than Robin. Lovely period pieces with great characters, adventure, charm, and a delightful amount of diversity (disabled, queer, & trans representation!)

I recently posted "SFF Adventures: August 2020," in which I share about the podcasts, blogs, and essays that I've been reading and listening to. If you're an sff nerd, check it out!

In this month's post, I touch on: the lovely podcast FOSS & Crafts; "the canon"; UFOs; D&D; defunding the police; and Becky Chambers’ stunning Wayfarers series!

Libro FM is looking for Blind/VI developers! Send an email. No complicated account or lengthy resume process. Send links. They really care about #Accessibility and openly welcome Blind devs. #a11y #a11yJobs

I've started a new system of keeping notes and it's lovely:

It's a system of interlinking markdown/HTML files. I wrote a bash script to convert markdown to HTML, and I make it look pretty with a classless CSS stylesheet. I'm using Syncthing to sync it between my phone & laptop.

It's basically a website & a wiki, but it's super indie, lightweight, and future-proof 😀 It's working great for me so far

Carly Rae Jepsen is a god of . Fight me.

I have this song on loop, and I can't stop dancing, and life is good :ac_flourish:

SFF Short Story Recommendation 

Merc Fenn Wolfmoor is one of my favorite short story writers, and their recent story "Bring the Bones That Sing" was a great read.

It's dark in the way that stories about death and reapers are necessarily dark, but the story's core is warm, beautiful, and poetic. If you like either birds or stories about reapers, I recommend!

Just discovered classless stylesheets and I love it!

I do many things in , so now I can use these to build my HTML files and life will be wonderful.

Here's a huge list of em:

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