My co-op @autonomic is hosting a #peertube instance for our client and we're mirroring the Sonic Liberation Front stream.

Free the air waves, hack the planet!

#freepalestine 🇵🇸

What's your favorite thing you can do with your PinePhone that you can't do with Android or iOS? Please boost.

If you're in the EU and #Facebook leaked your data, you're eligible to join Digital Rights Ireland in suing the fuckers. DRI have a phone-number checker for you to see if you were affected:
#privacy #security #infosec

@marnanel hey are you still working on this? :)

the concept sounds very cool, do you have a specific game in mind?

I'm very interested in making decentralised games, I've been experimenting with a platform for building semantic Multi User Domains (not using ActivityStreams):

We have an ongoing discussion about community empowerment and @activitypub plus #FediverseFutures at the #SocialHub community.

We want to be firmly on the path towards #SocialMediaReimagined

Do you help with that?
Boosts appreciated :)

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@FediFollows @snikket_im @xmpp @matrix @delta @briar which of these enable end-to-end encryption by default ?

@briar does I guess being peer-to-peer, it's very cool that it uses Tor as well!

new blog post 😁

Building an Asynchronous Queue for managing ActivityStreams messages in Python

Création d'Une Queue Asynchrone pour la Gestion des Messages ActivityStreams en Python

@renniezen I like that instances have power of who they connect with, but there is a measurable tendency towards centralisation:

e.g. Amazon hosted only 6% of instances but 30% of users

93.66% of instances were hosted in 5 countries

I don't think that organising == being governed by someone else. A good co-operative (I think) is a means of self-governing

There's a discussion going on about whether the Fediverse should set up a governance structure to decide its future

I think that the Fediverse should be governed as a co-operative ! I don't think it makes sense to govern a decentralised network with a centralised hierarchy ?

When asked about fears of automation in 1969, Arthur C. Clarke famously said that we shouldn't worry about automation: "the goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play." I have never seen his answer quoted in full.

Anyone with a huge wad of cash who wants to invest in Multi User Domain but isn't interested in property, power or deadlines hit me up

Launched a website for the Multi User Domain project I've been working on

We're building on semantic web technologies to create an open-source platform for building "infinite" open text-based adventure games

Large up Linked Open Vocabularies (

It's hard to discover reusable ontologies for the first time. Having a library certainly makes it easier

Interested to hear about novel ideas helping with the uptake of reuse/reusability in ontologies

I wrote a different kind of article this month for the blog.. something more personal

un autre type d'article cet mois.. il s'appelle "Le soi n'existe pas"

feedback welcome as always :)


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