But if we keep asking until the machine gets fed up and says "look, why do you keep asking me? I don't care if you know. If you know - you know, you know?"

then there we have them, and it means that they really are alive.

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As an alternative, I'd like to propose defining "sentient" as meaning "I'm a subject, and I have a feeling that I sincerely enjoy being one"

The trouble is that this isn't measurable. Are you *really* enjoying it? Or are you just pretending?

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Has anybody considered that *both* parties in the Turing test might be pretending to be sentient?

Thoroughly enjoyed the few hours I spent playing this


Leader of a post-revolutionary Earth, you have to balance the quest of reversing climate catastrophe and utopian projects, against the dangers of various political factions, economic changes and escalating climate events

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We made a game! Over the weekend I participated in the Global Game Jam and we made a chess-like arcade game where your pieces move semi-automatically and your goal is to protect an unpredictable king


We made it y’all! The fediverse is working great and all of the Facebook empire is 404ing right now

strong :fediverse:

@stragu @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle I think I see that the "product" being extracted is the focus of extractivism as well, in relation to the community who have been dispossessed.. where enclosure is still valid here but the focus is on the part of the commons (codebase) which has been paywalled... so I dunno in my opinion it might be more emotive and less dry than you first thought!

What we're describing here is also theft!

@stragu @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle I like this term, I guess the difference with "enclosure" is that extractivism implies exploiting a commons "to extract its resources", whilst enclosure implies destroying it?

I didn't realise that the term "extractivism" already exists but it's a nice word... it's actively descriptive of the ideology involved while doing it I think.. which might be rare for mainstream words describing capitalism!

@ntnsndr @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle the crow expects the kite to hunt it's young and yet when it does they still act against it? I don't think the suggestion is to hate or rage unnecessarily, but we should take collective action

@stragu @coopcloud @dumpsterqueer @handle I much prefer software extractionism, software enclosure, or even just paywalling or extortion. The issue with treehousing is that it sounds fun and gangplanking to me sounds like it's being done by a collective... And it's us who should make them "walk the plank!" 🏴‍☠️

@workingclasshistory great documentary, thanks! I really like what you did with the music especially

Have yous considered uploading to PeerTube and sharing the link via that? :) there is a short clip explaining how it works here: joinpeertube.org ... it's federated (like Mastodon) & it will give your listeners an alternative to Google

@mplammers thanks! I found what you said interesting, too. Have you read the book? Bookchin traces the origins of hierarchy/domination and argues a need for new utopian dialogue

Trying to unravel this with the things I have around me, I think it's possible that we can subvert contractual exchange and realise the reciprocal nature within us, that human nature is and can be an integrated nature

I tried writing a haiku 

The lapwing soars high,

The eagle is on the run!

Short wings multiply

I think that the lack of peer governance in the Fediverse is a vulnerability for self-serving interests and for "market poisoning" or enclosure

I pinned a toot that's important to me. It links to a thread about governance in the Fediverse (socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/). To protect a commons like the Fediverse, it's paramount that governance is completed by the community on a direct basis. This is not the same thing as *no* governance. We have to self-organise!

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There is an open letter calling for the resignation of Eugen Rochko (Gargron) from Mastodon development: seedy.xyz/posts/0005-open-lett

The letter mentions some technical disagreements and the manner in which they've been handled, but most concerningly to me efforts to make Mastodon "marketable" to venture capitalists which may amount to nothing short of the enclosure of our common space

in the concept of Development:

“The lead runners show the way; they are at the forefront of social evolution, indicating a common destination even for countries which had highly diverse trajectories in the past. Many different histories merge into one ‘master history’ ... the imagined time is linear, only allowing for progressing or regressing” (Wolfgang Sachs)

And yet we know the destination of this 'master history' already! This is an oppressive pretension and it is poison!

"A society composed of exiles is literally an exiled society - exiled from the roots of human consociation in care and nurture"

-- Murray Bookchin (from The Ecology of Freedom)

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