"A society composed of exiles is literally an exiled society - exiled from the roots of human consociation in care and nurture"

-- Murray Bookchin (from The Ecology of Freedom)

@calum Nice take. It makes me wonder about exile having been considered a worse punishment than death for thousands of years, making it a exorbitantly cruel and disproportional punishment for refusing to accept long-winded "agreements" that pave the way for hypertargeted advertisements and invasive for-profit psychographic profiling.

@mplammers thanks! I found what you said interesting, too. Have you read the book? Bookchin traces the origins of hierarchy/domination and argues a need for new utopian dialogue

Trying to unravel this with the things I have around me, I think it's possible that we can subvert contractual exchange and realise the reciprocal nature within us, that human nature is and can be an integrated nature

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