There's a discussion going on about whether the Fediverse should set up a governance structure to decide its future

I think that the Fediverse should be governed as a co-operative ! I don't think it makes sense to govern a decentralised network with a centralised hierarchy ?

@calum I don't see much reason in it given that instances already have the ability to decide who they want to connect with or not.
This is as good as it gets, I prefer to keep it fully decentralized. Governing is the very reason some of us have moved away from other socials.

@renniezen I like that instances have power of who they connect with, but there is a measurable tendency towards centralisation:

e.g. Amazon hosted only 6% of instances but 30% of users

93.66% of instances were hosted in 5 countries

I don't think that organising == being governed by someone else. A good co-operative (I think) is a means of self-governing

@calum @renniezen

The title of the #SocialHub topic is a bit unfortunate. Because the discussion was not about a governing body, but on the need to coordinate / collaborate otherwise very fragmented activities that are inhibiting the evolution of the #activitypub et al standards.. i.e. the tech foundation of #fediverse

This might be via a foundation that involves in 1) documentation / housekeeping 2) community building 3) advocacy and a common voice to the outside world.

@calum @renniezen

The community work costs tremendous amount of time and effort, which no one really can / will provide. For this reason the foundation might be donation-funded to compensate those involved and to maybe have e.g. some bounty funding on open issues. And this was where voting rights and governance came into the discussion.


What would a government censorship mechanism for the fediverse look like?

Like this.

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