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Yooooo getting vaccinated on Thursday big hype

After my brief hiccup, this is pretty awesome :D

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Today I learned not to keep tapping when nothing happens...

This is a GTK client written in rust, running on postmarketOS! All credit to the author:

vscode "restoring" the 7 instances I had open last
h ow

systemd actually laughing at me while I try to figure out why my user services get stopped every time I log out of my VPS

Vibing with @VoidLinux on the OnePlus 6 :D

Thanks @deathmist1337 for all the setup scripts

Give me cool people to follow! (Can be you)

Getting excited about being able to manipulate slots from on A/B devices. This will enable completely untethered Linux/Android dual boot on the OnePlus 6/T!

Once your learn functional programming you join the high order, no more primitives for you.

TIL linux ip has colours!1!!!1 (please don't hack me)

Well, turns out the implementation is manufacturer specific...

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More testing needed but it seems to just be using GPT header attributes - there's some free bits allowed for per partition use.

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Why isn't Android slot A/B implementation documented *anywhere*. The Chromium OS team managed it for there stuff lol

Who looks at a squircle and thinks "yes, this is the shape I want"?

Helped fix my friends electric longboard today and ohhhhh boy those things are cool

And expensive... So so expensive

osk-sdl should now work as well too (like it was meant to the first time around 😬)

Unfortunately no audio in the OnePlus 6T yet, hopefully it won't be too far behind!

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