well I can no say I've had someone fleet about me and not be lying


@floppy I love them. I especially love that the valentine's Day edition used emoji

omg the current kernel codename is "Opossums on Parade" and that's so great.

whoo helped fix some build issues and tested service pack 1 for pmOS 21.06 on the op6.

oh this sure would be easier if it was automated,,,

I feel like 3.0 brings it more in line with the pinephone, and makes a lot of the UI easier to use.

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on device do

sudo apk add nano
sudo nano /etc/phosh/rootston.ini

Edit the 2.5 to be your number of choice

ctrl+x then unpress ctrl and press "y" and then enter.


sudo service tinydm restart

and test out the new scale :D

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Considering bumping the scale factor from 2.5 to 3.0 in @postmarketOS phosh on the 6, thoughts and feelings?

see below for instructions on how to test

damn I've had too much coffee today... good afternoon twitter

@joeligj12 sometimes I forget this link... oops, I'll get there eventually 😅

holy shit I hit 500 followers and completely missed it...

thanks to everyone for coming along for the ride! it's only getting get more exciting from here on out :D

watching people play the new final fantasy and just... damn MMORPGs are big holy shit

some tweets just make me wanna go and lie down for a bit

@gamey it will of course be device agnostic, although I don't own a pinephone to test

caught an exciting regression! a new patch causes the GPU frequency to change more often so can it spend more time at idle. aaaaand somehow it sends the op6 to crashdump mode with some scary errors

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