hey hey, the SDM845 kernel fork in @postmarketOS just got upgraded to 5.19 😎

Finally adding speaker support for the 6T and enabling the OnePlus 6 notification LED! Let me know if you've given it a spin

More info here:

The notification LED thing was fun... I've made several attempts at it as I knew there were drivers which *should* work just fine, but I could never get it to work at all. Thankfully someone in the community independently made it work and created a merge request for it. /1

I pondered over what I did wrong, but after some testing it turns out that the notification LED on my op6 is just dead I think. Still super glad to see it working now.

@calebccff the SDM845 also powers the LG G7 ThinQ, correct? I'd love to be able to run pmOS on G7 ThinQ or even the Moto G6 Play. @postmarketOS
@calebccff I checked and the G7 ThinQ does have the 845. I don't think much work is being done on it tho. Such a bummer, I'd love to have a excuse to pull it out of the phone drawer. I think the Moto G6 Play eould be a decent device for pmOS also. Sometimes I wish I had the knowledge to work on these things. @postmarketOS

@jawsh @postmarketOS it's frustrating how each device needs so much manual work, but unfortunately not much we can do about it, vendors mess with bootloaders a lot especially around 845 generation, and many devices have different hardware configurations

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