lmao @ManjaroLinux really can't help themselves but ship unmerged patches, this time they broke Chatty again by including 3 merge requests in Chatty on their STABLE branch! One of which is actually closed...

When MRs aren't merged, you can't know what might happen to them, they might have breaking changes after you ship, requiring users wipe their chat history or something...

The latter two seem to have been open for a long time, without being rebased (not great)....

Just, consider this. When you (as a distro) want to include some unmerged feature, do you:

A) Comment on the MR to find out why it's blocked and offer to test
B) Just ship it and hope it doesn't break

Most people I know would give me really weird looks if I suggested B)

@calebccff As a packager, I have done/applied patches on software, but always with upstreaming and always waiting for their feedback before stabilizing it or even just distributing it outside of my personal setup.

Manjaro is just completely off-course as a distro.

@calebccff Firstly: Manjaro's absolutely in the wrong here.

With that said, it is reasonable IMO for distros to patch software. That's one of their main purposes. Doing so *blindly* is not, and that's Manjaro's specialty.

There's a difference between a package maintainer patching an issue that, say, upstream refuses to fix (because they don't care about non-Ubuntu distros, as a real-world example), after taking the time to understand the issue, and just *gestures at Manjaro*.

@pixelherodev yep, and neither myself nor any other signers of the letter disagree with you, I don't think it could possibly be more clear tbh. it seems incredibly obvious to me that distros can (and often do) have very valid reasons for patching software

I apologize if it sounded like I was saying you were; that wasn't my intent.

I think we're on the same page here :)

@calebccff I ran Manjaro phosh on my Pinephone for a good while but got tired of the amount of random breakage. I considered going back to Arch since I run EndeavourOS on PC (would feel more at home when using terminal) but went with pmOS. I only really have a few issues; random lockups needing a hard reboot and microphone issues. When using the wireless charging back, 99.8% of the time the mic doesn't seem to function. Without, it's hit or miss.


I'm confused as to why even

is included. Unless you run in debug mode, it doesn't do anything useful, which is why it hasn't been merged yet.

Maybe anything I make as an MR is just slapped on?

And yeah....I am 99% sure the MR I closed caused the issue. I tried to rebase it....and bad things happened.


"Maybe anything I make as an MR is just slapped on?"

So you need a new avatar with sunglasses to disguise your identity when making an MR.


@jason123santa @danctnix I'd rather stick with something like @postmarketOS where the bus factor is countable :p

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