if you like kernel hacking and wanna learn to maintain a kernel (or already know how) you should definitely hit me up, finding the time to ship postmarketOS updates alongside all the regular maintenance and actual device porting can be quite tricky...

i suspect there could be some really neat workflows around pmbootstrap to more easily distribute kernel testing and such - like hosting a package repo for testing kernels and other fun things.

hopefully also the automated testing stuff we're working on will take some of the load off

i should clarify that i have basically no idea how to maintain a kernel, I'm just making it up as i go along, advice more than welcome

@calebccff By the way, how will you teach us (because I’m assuming others will want to join)? Will it be through Discord, Matrix, Youtube, Twitch, etc?

Super excited!

@calebccff I have been wanting to learn kernel development / hacking for months. Learned how to program in C so I really just need the right push.

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