here's a quick side by side of WayDroid on the @oneplus 6 vs @thepine64 Pinephone, the Pinephone runs a lot better than i would have expected. (32gb/3gb model).

the op6 is running 5.16-rc1, the pinephone is running 5.14.6, both on @postmarketOS edge.

do you think the OP6 build will soon have callaudio and camera support?

(somehow not able to join the matrix link from ubports fluffy chat...)

@pocketvj callaudio hopefully this year, camera maybe next

@calebccff @postmarketOS Awesome stuff! Do you have any notes/refs for the Waydroid setup? I've tried a few times to get it going on my pinephone and struggled to get the services to launch

@stuts @postmarketOS i usually just fumble about until it works. it took like 5 minutes to boot on my pp

@calebccff @postmarketOS Alright, I guess the lesson is patience and persistence! Ta!

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