oh this is GLORIOUS. All these systems running on the same kernel

Shout out to @MobianLinux @ArchLinuxARM @postmarketOS and uh, AOSP for all the work thats gone into enabling this. Now if only @oneplus recognised it....

every one of these phones has a different damn passcode, ya'll should do something about that :p

@calebccff @postmarketOS I've been wanting to get a phone that supports these systems while I wait for pinephone to get better. I see they are using the oneplus 6??

@calebccff @akris I just looked this phone up and I can't tell if it's a $300 phone or a $1300 phone...

@nebunez @akris the phone is from 2018, so, definitely not newegg :p

ebay is my goto, but i live in the UK so results may vary. Dont buy it new

@calebccff @nebunez are there some systems that run more smoother on certain phones then others. Like does the pixel 3 run better with Ubuntu touch then with manjaro or postmarket?

@akris @calebccff @nebunez Ubuntu touch is by FAR the smoothest and on a device using the Android Kernel like a Pixel it works great. The reason most of the Linux mobile crowed doesn't use it is that most of us have mainline devices like the OnePlus 6, Pinephone or Librem5 and UBPorts has issues getting it to work well on mainline and has close to no compatibility with the ecosystem (only Ubuntu Touch apps).

@akris @nebunez the pixel 3 doesnt support wither manjaro or postmarketOS.

@calebccff @nebunez does manjaro and postmarked have a list of devices it supports. I only saw that postmarket supports only pinephone devices on their site. I want to switch over to a Linux phone very soon for day to day use. I just can't find the answers to my questions. Like for instance, do I need to configure my carriers network settings to allow the phone to call in/out and text, because the phones in the states now need to be registered with the mobile carrier??

@akris @nebunez manjaro ARM doesnt support much.

Only like 4 devices in mainline have working modems sooooo

@calebccff which device would you say is the most mobile ready for everyday use and that is also fairly new. My main concern is for the phone to be able to send/receive calls/sms. Its getting a bit hard now that alot of mobile carriers are restricting certain devices to certain companies. Do the phones need/have specific configurations for US mobile carriers?

@akris i dont know much about the state of things in the US - other than that you probably want to avoid t-mobile if you wanna put custom software on your phone.

Check the wiki page I linked, look at some devices, make a decision. The OnePlus 6 is best in line for speed + modem, but the modem stuff just isnt all there yet (sms + data will be coming soon, calls later).

@calebccff I guess I'll have to wait then but thanks for providing me with this info, it was very helpful.

@bart @postmarketOS aha, funny story... one of them is (going to be) @martijnbraam's ... sooon. And another is going to Martijn to be hooked up for use with CI for automated testing to detect kernel (or edge) regressions.

@calebccff You're selling OnePlus's now? 😜 How much would it cost me to get one haha

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