@jason123santa @calebccff maybe there was/is something wrong with some orders (wrong adresses, payment issues,...)? i had also problem; i ordered two spare batteries for example, that should have been shipped with the phone. i mailed the the support and they helped my without a hassle *shrug maybe some users are just trolls

@scops @jason123santa their uh, struggles shipping phones to people are very well known as this point... there's an unfortunate lack of transparency from them is my understanding (if those people were trolls why would they turn off comments?)

@calebccff @jason123santa maybe because of the bad publicity from some trolls / individuals? but yeah, there is indeed a lack of transparency on the @purism side.

@calebccff @scops @jason123santa Their communication has always left a bit to be desired, but at least I was fully aware I was supporting a total moonshot project. I essentially donated my money just to have them try. If I happen to end up with a librem5, that’s a bonus for me. Most people complaining about the shipping time like they ordered an existing, or at least mass-producible, product really shouldn’t be let near fundraising campaigns…

@aexiruch @calebccff @jason123santa yeah, the same here. for me it was a donation for mobile linux in general. and on the software side @purism did a lot for mobile linux. i don't think we had a pinephone today (in this form) without the librem 5. and yeah... libhandy/libadwaithia does also a GREAT job on for example linux tablets.

@scops @aexiruch @calebccff @jason123santa @purism I disagree, the PinePhone and "mobile Linux" would've been fine without Purism. There wouldn't be GNOME on mobile (Phosh) sure, but that's not the only platform out there. Plasma Mobile already existed and Ubuntu Touch was also doing well.

The GNOME ecosystem has definitely had a lot of help by Purism, but there is more out there than GNOME.

@bart @aexiruch @calebccff @jason123santa @purism i know - but Ubuntu Touch is still less capable to run "normal" linux apps (i own a BQ m10 tablet); Plasma Mobile (and others like Maemo Leste,...) got a boost because of the Librem5 and its low cost variant PinePhone. imho wouldn't there be a PinePhone if the Librem5 crowd funding would have failed. other projects like Neo900, GTA04 (...) havent had such an impact back in the days...

@calebccff @jason123santa @scops I would have supported a project that I had *zero* interest donating money to ;)

@calebccff @aexiruch @jason123santa The PinePhone has a lower quality, less power, is more "hacky" and was later announced. The PinePhone is the low cost version of the Librem 5; Pine64 doesn't do Software, they benefit of development done by Purism (and PostmarketOS,...) Purism does also much on the Software side. The PinePhone is like the Raspberry Pi - bigger community -; the Librem 5 is more like the ASUS Thinker Board - more professional.

@scops @calebccff @jason123santa My main point of interest is actually the FSF RespectsYourFreedom certifications :)

@scops @calebccff @aexiruch Yep the pinephone is less professional and more community based but it is overall a better product because it does arrive and has better software

@jason123santa @calebccff @aexiruch like i said; it benefits on development done by @purism (and others). you pay for the hardware. If you brought a Librem 5 you have also paid for the software development. Is the PinePhone a better product? don't know. it depends on the viewer. for me the better product (hardware) is the Librem 5. Most of the software is done by others (on both devices; more on the PinePhone-side than on the Librem5-side)

@scops @calebccff @aexiruch @jason123santa PINE64 has donated lots of money to the ecosystem. They also do not rely on Purism's software and do not ship it by default. Users can install phosh if they want, but they are not required to. SXMO for example started on the Pinephone, and Plasma Mobile was reignited by the Pinephone being a hardware platform to develop with.

@calebccff@fosstodon.org The silicon shortage surely is not helping them deliver the phones. ^^" I also ordered one but am still waiting, though I ordered rather "late" wo there quite a few people before me in line.

But they don't offer refunds for quite a while now and stuff which is shady at best (though I don't if this info is accurate to this day)

At least I have a pinephone to play around with

@calebccff i have mine... and i ordered in about the same time... strange.

@calebccff Ouch. Not good that shipping could ever take this long, and further more not good they'd try censoring the discussion instead of addressing it. Really hope they won't go the way of other corporations...

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