Calling all (who own a 5/6(7?))! Are you looking to contribute to an active project? Want to gain experience working on mobile platforms? Here's a few cool projects that I'd love to see get done -- in difficulty order.

tri-state key support: the tri-state keys are currently not hooked up at all, we need someone to write a userspace daemon to interact with the GPIOs via gpio-chardev and generate key events for mute/vibrate/ringer (or whatever the user might want). It can be done in ..

the langauge of your choice, but should use a simple conf file format, bonus points for using @braam_martijn's postmarketOS tweaks tool for configuration.


Dash daemon: @oneplus implemented support for their dash charger in userspace, as a blob, but it uses a kernel driver to communicate with the hardware. We need someone to add logging to the driver, learn about (and document) how the driver is implemented, and if they ..

fancy it, write a new driver for the mainline kernel and get it upstreamed.

slot switching (op6/7 only): The OnePlus 6 uses Qualcomms A/B slot implementation which involves messing with GPT headers and other fun things, some initial research and reimplementation has been done here in Rust: but it's incomplete ...

and currently not good for more than bricking devices (seriously, don't run it!).

Now for a kernel driver:

The torch: The flashlight is implemented with an overly complicated driver downstream, we need someone to learn how it works, ideally produce documentation similar to my haptics docs ( and write a new simpler driver for upstreaming.

If you're interested in working on any of these, please reach out to me! Ping @ caleb in the @postmarketOS matrix rooms (, DM me here, on Telegram @calebccff or join the Discord:

I'll be more than happy to help you get set up, teach you what you need to know to work on the project and help you along the way.

By the end you will have built an application (or driver) from scratch and hopefully landed it upstream where it will be used by loads of people!

Please have at least some experience writing any kind of software or building kernels (depending on what you want to work on).

Or a lot of spare time and motivation to learn said things.

If you wrote a Python bot to scrape some cool websites that absolutely counts!

I don't usually ask favour from my followers, but please RT for awareness, I'd love to help expand some budding developer's CV

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