Alright, its official! You can now download prebuilt @postmarketOS images for the 6/T! AND on top of that, kernel updates will work exactly the same way as a normal distro.

Screenshot above taken on a device I flashed the earliest available image on (late May), ran apk upgrade and rebooted. This is starting to feel a whole lot more like home <3

@jd @postmarketOS the clock is pretty much completely hidden right now in phosh. It shouldn't be too hard to fix though, just need more time!

@calebccff @postmarketOS i look forward to it, i have a 6t myself. i personally wouldn’t mind if the notch area was cut off completely and everything was just displayed below it

@calebccff I'll speak for the whole pmOS team here: thank you very much for all the work you've put in this device and our system so far! You've been doing an _amazing_ job!

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