TIL linux ip has colours!1!!!1 (please don't hack me)

@calebccff Bruh I... what...

<re-reads ip manpage>

How did I not know about this? I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that I've read this manpage, more than once in fact.

@calebccff Thanks I didn't know it supported colors either. Not sure about compatibility. Might add an alias in my config.

@calebccff oh my god thank you, why is this not on be default?!

@mitchkiah Maybe some tools expect plaintext output without code colors? Like multisystem who breaks like shit be trying to execute color codes as if they were commands, if grep is aliased to grep --color=always

But since it makes things less of a PITA to read and I'm too lazy for adding -c each time, I still have an alias ip='ip -c' for my regular user (NOT for root, though) for quite a long time, without breaking anything… yet. I bet this alias will break some tool, some day…


@calebccff it's beautiful, thank you! I will have to create an alias for this.

@devnull @calebccff that's which is a private IP (probably from a NAT router) so that wouldn't work. Fwiw, I don't think there's a public IP in that output except the ipv6 one but I doubt you have much software running on your computer that is bound to ipv6 addresses.

@splatt9990 Yes, I know… It was just a (bad) joke, to answer to the "please don't hack me" part…


@splatt9990 @devnull @calebccff The v6 IPs are local-link on this screenshot, so there is no public IP at all…

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