damn what did I do to deserve 1k followers. you guys are really awesome.

I'm honoured to be a part of this community <3

I know the numbers aren't everything, but this was a lot of fun to cleanup, it even still works 💪

still missing a lot of functionality (mostly suspend / low power stuff), but it now supports both the ebbg variant of the PocoPhone F1 (untested) and the SHIFT6mq

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Yes that's right, SHIFT themselves got involved in bringing up mainline, I'm really excited to see where our collaboration will go in the future!

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Here it is peeps, 5.16-rc1 + @postmarketOS up and running on the @shiftphones SHIFT6mq. Most things seem to work (including the modem) But unfortunately WiFi is having some issues.

Thanks a lot to @glundner (@shiftphones) for bringing up initial touch and display support.

its running a more up to date kernel patchlevel than the pixel 3, and a newer android security patch level :o

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Android 12 is actually not that fun huh, why did they just waste SO much space, and for what?

i should clarify that i have basically no idea how to maintain a kernel, I'm just making it up as i go along, advice more than welcome


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hopefully also the automated testing stuff we're working on will take some of the load off

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i suspect there could be some really neat workflows around pmbootstrap to more easily distribute kernel testing and such - like hosting a package repo for testing kernels and other fun things.

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if you like kernel hacking and wanna learn to maintain a kernel (or already know how) you should definitely hit me up, finding the time to ship postmarketOS updates alongside all the regular maintenance and actual device porting can be quite tricky...

I'd love to have a go at booting it at some point, I don't think much hardware works though, the work was done for Cheza (a prototype device) which as far as i know never shipped.

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did you guys know that 845 has coreboot support?


Google enforce that *all* chromeOS devices use coreboot so they uh, negotiated with Qualcomm to replace the XBL with coreboot on sdm845 Chromebooks

I'm getting a pixel 3 :o

so finally @samueldr can drop a bunch of nixos patches, and we can bring up postmarketOS support too!

Remember when you could boot a livecd on your PC? Would sure be nice if you could do that on your phone, try out some new OS for example...

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