this is actually a really good nuanced take on social bias, networking and success in tech.

wow Microsoft are really gonna release a new version of Windows.... which will end up being backwards compatible with Windows 10 ... which is backwards compatible with Windows 7 ... which is backwards compatible with Windows xp ...


Any other airsonic / subsonic players I could check out?

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Good morning! I'm checking out sublime music on !

It's surprisingly alright given it clearly hasn't been optimised for mobile, you'll have to turn your phone sideways though πŸ˜…

Well who woulda thunk it, just like every growing company with a profit motive, turns out oatly isn't your friend

Finally recording a video! Important question: whould I leave the ASMR water drinking in or out? πŸ˜‚

All the space is available for use by both systems. And with a very neat A/B slot control tool for Linux mainline coming soon, completely untethered dual booting will be easier than ever...

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this is very very interesting, and makes dual booting super easy without any funkiness, also means you can access your Android pictures, data etc easily from postmarketOS.

It does make / read protected for regular users though, other weirdness may occur.

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flash rootfs to userdata.

Boot android

Reboot, switch slot, flash boot image, erase dtbo, and boot

turns out there's just no conflicts, Android userdata and postmarketOS rootfs can just coincide on the same partition

Screenshot above taken on a device I flashed the earliest available image on (late May), ran apk upgrade and rebooted. This is starting to feel a whole lot more like home <3

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Alright, its official! You can now download prebuilt @postmarketOS images for the 6/T! AND on top of that, kernel updates will work exactly the same way as a normal distro.

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@Fairphone The key insight from the fairphone "experiment" is that you can't have a sustainable phone without sustainable (read: free) software. The best repair options won't help if you can't get firmware updates (as seen dramatically with the FP1). I posted an article back in 2019 on this topic:

I wish the next will be based on freedom-friendly hardware and will finally replace Android with one of the truly sustainable alternatives such as .

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Running a tiling WM on your phone sounds like a stupid idea... until you discover . The whole thing is simple but amazing - it takes one or two days to get used to it, but then you know it inside out. Thanks to the built-in extensibility and simple codebase, you can change everything to your liking. This interface and its skilled community have become a great asset in
the wider smartphone ecosystem!

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Using pmOS on the OnePlus 6! Performance is quite good, and works great in browsing and listening to music through Elisa. Thanks for audio support @calebccff πŸ˜„

Unfortunately (for me) two of these are going to live somewhere else, stay tuned :D

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Good to know uses the same CDN as Reddit and GitHub, I'm sure that will never come back to bite them

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