Anybody else have to enter email AND password for EVERY git push in Atom? What is going on?

Really in a toss-up right now for a new tent this season between an X-mid 1P/Gossamer One/Lanshan/Lunar Solo. Any fellow backpackers here on Fosstodon?

New Alien comics coming! I don't mind adding content to these franchises when it's in print.

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(not my blog)
Sharing in the hopes of spreading some good new books releases to put on your radar this year! For lovers of sci-fi.

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@ademalsasa We have system76. But we could sure use multiple linux vendors that ship linux pre-installed.

What's your favorite traditional Indian dish?

Not my article, but something I'm already on track to be much better at this year. Analyzing how I spend my time has been huge in finding ways to be both more productive and spend more time on my passions.

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This episode of the Art of Manliness podcast is a really important one:

I urge you to listen to it, however you identify, because the insights about objective vs subjective loneliness, and the 'infrastructure' of relationships, are gold ✨

If you aren't hip to ncspot, now is the time. This is unequivocally the best CLI Spotify client. Clean, fast, ready to go out of the box. It's so much fun to work on a system that looks and feels like home.

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Do not change your password today. Instead, get yourself a password manager. Can be free, can be paid. Generate different random passwords for each of your accounts.

Do yourself a favor and make this one of your New Year's resolution.

I've had this Gameboy Advance tech. breakdown in a pinned tab for a few days now. Keep coming back for more! IMHO one of the greatest handheld devices of all time.

Are we to a place yet where any mainline BSD is viable as a production OS for a laptop?

@sotolf what picom flags are you using in xinit? I am having hella screen tearing on this install for some reason that I cannot seem to shake.

Happy to see metro PD's across the country making a public stand againt privacy invasion. They will all continue to use it behind closed doors but the more instances like this occur, the more informed the general public will be and the closer we are to abolishing tax-funded anti-privacy.

Merry Christmas to all my new friends on Mastodon!!

time for a pi4!!! large, affordable e-paper displays are going to drive my next few home devices. what would you do with one?

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