on at moment, change your password

@c00kie seems everybody got this news via Apple. Strange.

@cedric I used unique password for this account. Might be a false positive. With unique pass, I wonder. Was there many other people?

@cedric @c00kie Hi. I went to investigate if there's any traces of unauthorized access on the server but found nothing. Passwords are bcrypt-hashed so even if something leaked you wouldn't be able to get plain-text password unless you had modified code on the server intercepting them live. I found no modified code. Tried saving my own password into the Apple Passwords app, it's not reporting any issue. Is there any more information you can give me to investigate this?

@Gargron @c00kie Thank you very much !
Actually on my side it's fine.
I just asked because a friend also got a notification from the Apple Password manager today (I do not know which Mastodon instance he is using). It might be a false positive. A little strange coincidence...
Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

@cedric @Gargron there are not much more information, I got the notification with 🍎 too. 😕

@Gargron @cedric thanks for the feedback. It's like yes a mystery or a false positive.

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