"Working with visuals instead of symbols can often make the difference between blindly memorizing an algebraic technique and understanding how and why that technique works."
I discovered a cool website to work about math skills, brilliant.org
If people try and need help to solve problems we can help each other.

So planning to write everything they need into a repo, with the teachers stuff, share in private with the group, then when the exam is done, remove the teachers stuff (they believe it's proprietary blablabla) and push all the work done open-source for all.

Actually trying to move my prom to github 😏 some are very interested and want a class about it, and R

My mom said she was interested in Fediverse.

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I'm not convinced by every single of those quickly sprouting Suez-blockage memes, but the fact that the internet is picking this up so quickly so strongly does amuse me. :*)

What are your tricks to deal with cognitive overload?
I use pomodoro technique when I need to really focus.

Hard to get time to write while ideas don't stop staking on this side.
I got now a new routine to study each night for an hour. Once I'll complete the objective with study, I'll do the same for writing. 😉

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We had a class of introduction to RStudio yesterday, the tutor did well, at it is not easy to teach in video R language and geocoding to student who never coded anything. She said she was sorry for the content because we accidentally ddos the school server :) by all trying the demo at the same time (Jupyter hub), but we said i'ts ok, she did great.

from sticky note > to gist > to github smthg


mostly very basic command lines for simple tasks: read Json file, produce output, update MISP config (Apache), and some Git magic
if it can be useful to anyone :)

Hi! Finally got to organize a bit my @GitHub repos, so I publish a few notes too. This one is about How to install R and start your first statistical analysis! I wanted to start so here we are, it's the 1st :)
Have a nice Sunday. ☕

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Emergency release to fix a security vulnerability in sudo.
Tails 4.15.1: tails.boum.org/news/version_4.

It fixes a serious security vulnerability, that we learned about just after releasing Tails 4.15. Sorry for the inconvenience!

You should upgrade as soon as possible.

If I manage my time good today I'll take one hour to write a piece of blog post to join kev's challenge

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