"Maintainer month" should rather be "maintainer year"!

I'm really greatful to anyone who support my FLOSS work for and other projects - see bzg.fr/en/free-software/

I redirect some of the funding I receive to great FLOSS hackers like Bozhidar Batsov, Jonas Bernoulli, Lionel Laské, Nicolas Petton, Yann Sionneau.

@loveisgrief Je ne m'occupe plus de sharelex.org, mais j'ai signalé aux mainteneurs, merci !

@idlestate I've updated the release message with updated repos, thanks.

@idlestate Thanks for reporting this.

Can you send me an email (at bzg@gnu.org) about what repos are missing exactly?

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Séminaire de recherche EnCommuns 2022-23 « Communs, Communautés et Intérêt Général » (séminaire Introductif : 7 juin 2022, Campus Condorcet)

Le 7 juin 2022 se tiendra la séance introductive au Séminaire de Recherche EnCommuns 2022-2023 : "Communs, Commun


#communs #Recherches #intérêtgénéral #propriété

9.5.4, a bugfix release, is out.

Also, there a the 0.4 release of git.sr.ht/~bzg/org-contrib coming soon on elpa.nongnu.org/nongnu - beware that some files have been removed from org-contrib: git.sr.ht/~bzg/org-contrib/ref


Today reddit.com told me I subscribed 16 years ago 🎂


Okay reddit, perhaps I'll add a picture.

I keep discovering beautiful and useful contents for .

Here is the last one: lucidmanager.org/tags/emacs/ by Peter Prevos (twitter.com/lucidmanager).

Thanks Peter for this and for supporting through github.com/sponsors/bzg/ 👋

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Have you ever considered the work that goes into sending an email to @gnu.org? The FSF tech team makes sure millions of emails get delivered each year, and has taken the time to explain the road your email travels in freedom. u.fsf.org/3gz

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Le Libre, catalyseur de projets responsables

Smartphone, prothèses, PC en éléments de réemploi, recyclage de plastique, équipements agricoles: à la Journée du Libre éducatif, des exemples parlants de démarche libriste au-delà du seul logiciel.


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Hello :)

💻 From Monday, I will spend 1 week on to discover more deeply the protocol, play with it, and have fun.

I will share the experience in a ~15-min video, to explain theoretical basic concepts with concrete requests and examples. This video is mostly dedicated to technical people/devs interested or learning how to use ActivityPub.

Just wanted to know if some people are already interested ?

Boost welcome.

Emacs Org 9.5.3, a bugfix release, is out. Enjoy!

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#GNU Emacs is so much more than a text editor -- it's an entire workflow environment, loved by free software supporters around the world. Get the new GNU Emacs Manual, Nineteenth edition, for Emacs 27.2, at the GNU Press Shop: u.fsf.org/3ff


Neil Postman is the original author of this comparison in "Amusing ourselves to death" in... 1985.


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