Today I had to come to terms with this

`time python -c pass`


Getting enough code booted to provide some actual utility brings the time up to 200ms.

This isn't at all acceptable for interactive use.

I'm despondent. Have the Go/Rust people been right all this time?

FSM = Flying Spaghetti Monster.

FSM = Finite State Machine.

First one is made of spaghetti noodles. Second one protects of from spaghetti code.

Mind. Blown.

Not that Sawfish isn't a great WM, mind you. But I wanted to try out the tiling paradigm. Sawfish has some rudimentary tiling support but nothing at the level of herbstluftwm.

Lately, after many decades of using Sawfish as my WM I've been switching my systems to using herbstluftwm. Except for being impossible to spell (ha!) it really lives up to its name (apparently autumn wind/air). It has been a real joy so far.

Hello everyone. I spend my days turning neutrinos into bytes using Python and C++ through distributed concurrent data acquisition systems and data processing systems. I live a GNU/Linux based info life and look forward to seeing decentralized federated systems like fosstodon thrive. I've been around here before but am now rejoining with my IRL identity associated.


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