i keep coming back whenever i realize that Twitter doesn't save half of my likes

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What OS camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

finally got around to setting up my Schiit DAC+amp stack this past weekend. I'm super bummed because it turns out that the central HVAC system in the new place I moved into causes a pretty audible buzz in both my amp and my microphone... so I guess I just have to live with that. :x

decided to install :manjaro: tonight! openSUSE is feeling a bit old, not too big of a fan of how it handles printing, plus it feels a bit awkward to install non-repository software. zypper feels insanely slow compared to something like apt or pacman, too.

hmm. so I just realized that Ducky keyboards don't support PS/2, meaning that if I'm on Linux, I have to deal with 6-key rollover. it doesn't sound too bad, but it's actually fucked me over more than a handful of times in FPS games... if I were to start playing Skullgirls more often, that'd also be a huge issue. add that to the upgrade list!

so I'm looking for some sort of audio solution that I can connect to a pair of speakers that lets me play music from Bluetooth, CDs, vinyls, and cassette tapes. I'm very nooby when it comes to professional audio setups, but I'd like to learn a bit more.
my thought was to get a speaker+receiver combo that supports Bluetooth and CDs, and get a separate cassette/vinyl player combo and hook it up to the receiver somehow? is that something that's possible?

Twitter's "see tweets from other people you don't follow with no way to opt out" feature is slowly but surely pushing me away back to mastodon.

spent like 3 hours sorting out my music library with beets.io and im honestly so fucking grateful that this program exists. I would have been here for severalfold more hours if it wasn't for that.
now i can sleep while beet converts my music and copies it to my MicroSD card.

anyone know of a good program/script for transcoding and copying music to a specified directory *and* preserving folder structure? I need something to sync my library with my FIIO music player. neither Amarok nor Clementine preserve folder structure.

realistically, all I need is a laptop to ssh into my server, use the internet, play music, and maybe do some very very lightweight gaming. (League of Legends would be the most intensive thing I would play)
I mostly just want something I can keep next to my bed if I wanna work on something late at night, or throw into my bag if I'm gonna be using it at a friend's house.

so whether or not I fix the issue with my laptop booting, I'm probably gonna put it up for bids on eBay. I wanna look into buying a new laptop when I get a job, and I'm looking for recommendations.
from what I've heard, Macbooks are extremely reliable; I've considered buying a used or refurbished one and setting it up with Linux. the only thing that worries me would that if anything breaks, I would have no idea how to fix it.

the last thing I could think of doing is completely nuking the SSD in the laptop, recreating the partition table and doing a fresh install of Kubuntu. powering on with a bootable USB drive seems to get the laptop to boot normally when its acting up, so I'm wondering if the bootloader is somehow responsible...?
if this doesn't work, I'll have to send it in for repairs. all the posts on Dell forums are simply other people saying they have the same issue. nice to know it's not just me, at least.

sigh. guess I made a pretty bad decision when I decided to buy a Dell laptop.
not even a full year into its usage and it's already having horrible boot problems. more than half of the time, when my laptop is off and I press the power button, the keyboard backlights and the power LED will be active, but the screen stays black and doesn't even show the BIOS splash screen.
I've been trying to fix this for about a month and just have not had any luck...

might be fixed? (i lied) (well kinda) 

might be fixed? (i lied) 

so I'm trying to schedule backups for my personal devices. I plan on using a rsync daemon on my server, and having my devices sync with their respective backup folder weekly.
the only thing I'm not sure about is how cron works when the device is powered off at the time of a scheduled task. would cron try and run the job when the device wakes up? or does it just skip over that job?

organizing data in a way that's intuitive, consistent, and logical is pretty tricky

might be fixed? 

pretty frustrating because I have no idea where to go from here. switching virtual terminals doesn't do anything, ctrl+alt+del has no effect, I can't get back into BIOS, and I have no way to remotely access my laptop. it almost seems totally bricked... I might have to end up unplugging the internal SSD, booting into a live environment, and messing with it from there.
will probably end up switching to :opensuse: on my laptop as well after this.

hmm. looks like my laptop's display isn't turning on. this thing is less than a year old; honestly, I suspect that it has something to do with Kubuntu. whenever I close the lid on my laptop and open it again, two out of three times, Kubuntu wouldn't know how to wake the display back up.
now, even powering my laptop off and turning it back on doesn't seem to do anything. however, it seems like my laptop isn't completely powering down; when powering back on, it doesn't show the BIOS splash...

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