if you mail me $500 I'll give you a private ed25519 key and a drawing and that way we can do nfts without a warehouse full of asics doing hashes or whatever

"intellectual property protects small creators," i have my lawyer write up in my cease and desist letter while i assiduously trace bezier curves over photographs various graffiti artists' handstyles for my graffiti font website. no i don't pay the graffiti artists, come on bud i got bills to pay. like website hosting, or my peloton subscription, or the lease on my jag

Everyone has a pillow like this, right? Totally normal.

work rant? old people and technology 

phones are incredibly hostile and unforgiving to users who don't know how to use them, especially if there isn't someone there to physically go through and help them. even with iPhones, it's hard to figure out what kind of iPhone someone has or to get an idea of what they should be looking for.
it's not like they get a say in the matter, either. a phone and internet connection is practically as essential as food and water at this point.

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work rant? old people and technology 

working in customer support for a college means helping a lot of older people out with technology. and every time, it makes me sad to see them struggle with it, especially when it comes to phones. with things always changing in the tech world, it's the equivalent of coming into your office and having your desk and papers completely re-organized and switched up every week.

Got an email from a startup that develops an application launcher in Electron, which offers to wrap your Electron app, into an other Electron app.


"HACKERZ™️ can see all ur login info UNLESS you use SusVPN to keep them out."

That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works!

Grousing about millennial propaganda, adulting, suicide, mh 

Like, sometimes i feel the product of a machine that built me to suffer. I'm not saying I'm on the street and starving, but I'm saying my brain is so fucked up in any regard other than being a worker ant that keeping myself alive is a full time job.

Consider older generations and how many HOBBIES they had. Do you think self-care is because we're spoiled or because we're used to being so burned out that we need justification for joy?

I recently went with for a cloud vps . It is 2 CPU/2 GB RAM/40 GB SSD/~5 USD per month. I have installed as a on an server.

provided me with a free domain name and DNS. I just added an A record on cloudns and pointed it to the IP of the vps.

Then, I modified a nextcloud config file and added the free domain to the trusted section.

Finally, I setup SSL encryption with .

Now I have my own nextcloud server! Thank you all!

got any recommendations for a good hosted Nextcloud server with 5GB of space? I've been self-hosting on my home server, but getting it to sync on all my devices (my computer and my phone) whether I'm in or out of the network has been a pain, and there's been some speed issues as well. I'd rather just have someone host it for me.

Computer ads in the 1990s were such an aesthetic.

much like the transition from internal combustion to electric vehicles, the transition from mechanical to solid state computing has definitely led to a dearth of satisfying physical indications of "compute is happening". it's like going from the noisy feedback of a 1972 chevy nova to that of a prius.

the existence of adhd also implies the existence of ad4k

Putting "Asian and Pacific Islander" in your Youtube video/stream heading will get it shadowbanned (no notifications to subbed) if you aren't an approved 'corporate channel' or celebrity saying, 'the right things' about AAPI during this AAPI history month. They don't want us Asians and Pacific Islanders being heard, apparently.

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