@triz is this the real life
or is this just fantasy
caught in a landslide
no escape from a manatee

blatantly obvious lesson of the day 

it's hard to make good music when you don't know what good music is.

This is interesting... I found my country on the list (a small EU country) and I was surprised at the number of requests. I never thought the Police in my state would request data from our devices. State surveillance is EVERYWHERE, no matter where you live.


what even is the deal with water lol . that shit is so funny

aspell is *determined* that I want to talk about "Linux bistros" instead of "Linux distros"

opening a mstdn.io account so i can post random news links with absolutely no interaction 7 times an hour

Everyone on the tl: politics are going to shit even more than usual

Me: I pulled an all-nighter playing a game from 2001, who wants to meet my chao

for every person who doesn't buy my shitty video game i will kick an unpaid intern

The fact that both Fall Guys and Among Us are becoming more popular than probably any other AAA title of this year tells me that the market might be changing for good this time.

People is starting to shift from Superb quality ray-traced graphics to pointless cheap multiplayer fun.

when people say you should pay for art to "support the industry" :risitas1:

me: *plugs in dualshock controller*

my computer: ah, you probably want to reroute all audio through the controller. i'll get right on that

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