Guilty Gear players: wow some parts of this beta fucking suck. I hope they fix them before release
ArcSys: Aight we're gonna delay the game because of the beta feedback
Guilty Gear players: Wait no not like that

sleepiness levels are 100% and rising

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

I want a frog to sit contentedly on my hand like a little wet philosopher

bitcoin/nfts are a symptom of a society where everyone is desperately trying to get rich so they can finally stop needing to justify their existence

fediverse has two moods:
- kill email
- return to email

i have deep respect for my friends the scientists. it is difficult and important work they do, slaving away in the lab, trying to make the electrons Fuck

tha big fuggin boxes with dials & buttons you use in music production is a masterclass in tangible interface design & i wish they existed more for other fields

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