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Nice turns out that the battery is this old PowerBook still holds a charge. Now to rebuild the PRAM battery and figure out what’s wrong with the CD-ROM.

Whew, after a week in USPS purgatory(i.e. "the moving with in the USPS network, but we don't really know where it is" tracking state), my Commodore 64 is looks like it's finally out for delivery. Better late than never I guess.

The other day I wanted an ethernet cable on the table near by network switch, but the only available cable I had unused for the past few days was only 3 feet long, but while it was inconvenient, I put up with it. Only today did I realize that the cable going from the switch to the PC right below it is 6 feet, and the 3 feet cable would work there and I could swap them. 🤦‍♂️

My package that should have been here on Friday is now in the vague "moving with in the USPS network on its way to its destination" phase. I wonder if I'll ever see it.

Sigh... it looks like my recent retro computer addiction is getting me back on Facebook for Marketplace at least. Far less price gougy than eBay(and some of those old computers are heavy, so shipping it legitimately high, even when things are for a good price) and not as dead as Craigslist around here for that kind of stuff.

I guess I forgot about Kdenlive, I'll give that one another shot first. I can't remember what caused me to give up on it last time.

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Looking at doing some YouTube(maybe cross post to PeerTube if I can figure that out) videos again, but it looks like open source video editing is still not in a great place(at least if you try to do anything beyond Windows Movie Maker or iMovie), but at least DaVinci Resolve is on Linux so I don't need Windows or a Mac to edit. Open source still has streaming locked down pretty good, thanks OBS.

Just found an original Compaq Portable being sold on eBay listed as Presario instead and a good bit cheaper that correctly listed Compaq Portables, and the listing looks like a legit case of the seller not really knowing what they have rather than a scam, so I'm going to roll the dice on it.

While I've been I jumped ship from Windows to Linux over 20 years ago(with some OS X thrown in there from time to time), I've been playing with Windows 3.1 in DosBox lately and just find it completely charming, especially all the "entertainment packs" that Microsoft released. I only used Windows 3.1 at school(at home we went from Mac System 7 to Windows 95), but this just feels the best to me. I should probably do up proper retro computing blog post soon rather than long Mastodon posts.

Looks like drunken server upgrade was a success with just a few PHP issues(it's always PHP issues) to iron out for Nextcloud.

I'm considering a Raspberry Pi 4(4 GB) as new "workbench" computer to replace the combo of a Raspberry Pi 2 and ASUS u36sd laptop. My concern is that like all Raspberry Pi's, the running from SD card is going to cause some performance issues and I should look for something with eMMC(or better). And suggestions, or reasons why the RPi4 is fine?

I've had 4 gin and tonics this evening. Seems like the perfect time to upgrade my personal server to 20.04. (The amount of times I've had to use spellcheck in this short post says otherwise)

An observation in the intersection of my arduino/RPi hacking gadgets interest and retro computing. When you adjust for inflation, the Sinclair ZX 81/Timex Sinclair is about the price of a "normal" Raspberry Pi today. And they're really comparable, technically a computer and you can learn a lot, though far less performance than other contemporary computers. Now I think a bit more highly of the Sinclar.

An accounting of tinkering hardware I have but don't use:
1 Raspberry Pi B
1 Raspberry Pi 2B
1 Raspberry Pi Zero
2 Raspberry Pi Zero W
3 ESP8266
1 ESP32
1 Arduino Uno
1 AVR(can't read it right now)
1 MSP430 Launchpad
Bunch of wires, resisters, and other random components

What's actually in use:
1 Raspberry Pi 3(retropi box)

Never mind that my “cassette player” is a thousand times more powerful than the computer.

Got my tape drive cable for my TI-99/4a so I can play back programs, just need to plug the cable into my iPhone's headph....uck.

It really annoys me that in eBay and Amazon third party seller land shipping label or tracking number generation triggers a "shipped" condition when my items themselves don't actually ship until later, sometimes several days later.

It’s no CRT(shipping cost is generally prohibitive), but it is at least 4:3 and I’ve got a decent composite to VGA adapter along with a little Bluetooth speaker on sound duty. Should work for my N64, Genesis, and a Commodore 64 that’s on the way.

Any good relatively current Intel/AMD powered(sorry ARM, but you just won't do) tablets, or convertables with completely detachable keyboards, out there that work reasonably well with Linux?

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