@oranje Mobian was actually next on my list to try unless I get a better suggestion.

So what’s everyone’s favorite OS for the PinePhone? I’ve tried postmarketOS and UBports, and while they’re both a bit rough around the edges, I’m liking postmarketOS more so far, but curious if anything else runs better. I get that this is a dev device and they’re all rough right now, but it’d be cool to have such an open phone that’s also pretty usable. I wonder how hard it is to build AOSP for it? If I were to get into some development, I’d probably go for LuneOS.

This Raspberry Pi 4 is continuing to impress me more than its predecessors. It's pretty competent at DOSBox, though later games like Warcraft II are big sluggish, along with Windows 3.1 and games I play on it like SimTower and Civ 2. But still playable for the most part. Older DOS games play with out a hitch. Probably try to get some Amiga emulation going later.

With Roku's fighting with streaming platforms, is there a neutral streaming box with a wide variety of streaming service support?

@jordan31 I probably still wouldn't recommend buying a pi4 for desktop use specifically, but if it's all you've got, it'll work in a pinch.

@jordan31 Looks like I've gotten them from Adafruit and Sparkfun, though they're never the only thing I buy, so that does temper the shipping cost to entire bill ratio quite a bit.

Due to moving limbo, a RaspberryPi 4 I picked up to be an emulation box is now my desktop computer. It's still sluggish, but far more usable than my previous attempts as raspberry pi desktop usage.

@jordan31 I'd probably have even more Pi Zeros if I could find them in stock with decent shipping more often.

@wuwei @cooper Yeah, the proprietary server was the big issue with Plex for me. That and they basically used their apps to backdoor their new streaming service.

Jellyfin has been working great so far, so I'm going ahead with full Plex removal. Feels good.

Finally got my Pinephone. Probably going to get postmarketOS on it and try to daily drive it for a few days. Can already tell that UBports Ubuntu Touch isn't going to work for me. I'd like to give LuneOS a shot at some point too. The Pre hardware was terrible, but I really liked webOS.

@jordan31 Pi Zeros are so cheap I have a bad habit of buy them for projects, abandoning the project, then think up another project, but forgetting I already have the Pi Zero. I think I've got at least 3 already and only one of them is being sort of used.

@jordan31 It seems to "accidentally" keep turning it self on after updates and such.

Nice it looks like Jellyfin is finally officially on iOS and Roku(not sure when it happened, but noticed today). Looks like I can finally kick Plex to the curb. Of course this comes at a time I'm looking to dump Roku too, and my Roku only reinforced that feeling when I turned it on and it has changed my background to whatever they're advertising at the moment.

The new Nextcloud install is actually running much better, so I guess it ended up being a good thing. I think that install was originally and ownCloud install that I migrated to Nextcloud when the fork happened and upgraded since then. Must have been a lot of cruft in there. Also too the opportunity to switch back from OnlyOffice back to Collabora Online. So much better. It actually opens my documents correctly and isn't as slow.

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Hard drive died in my server, the system drive not the OS and was too dead to clone to new drive. Ubuntu server 20.04 installer, was just garbage, so I took the opportunity to migrate back to vanilla Debian. Only real hiccup was Nextcloud. Between PHP and MySQL/MariaDB version change nuance it ended up being easier to do a clean install then reimport my file.

@WhoNeedszZz The lack of HBOMax due to Roku now being a content provider, thus trying to strong arm HBO. I miss the days when Roku was the content provider agnostic hardware maker.

With an Osborne 1, I knew it was only a matter of time before this popped, luckily I ordered a replacement I ordered the computer and it’s in place.

Now that Roku is in in full on "content provider" mode and making access to their platform more difficult, is there a set top box(or what ever we call them these days) platform out there that's provider agnositic in the same way Roku was a few years ago that has a wide range of support for many services?

@DonMcCollough Cable managed for me basically means “don’t look under that desk please”.

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