For a computer without an actual graphics mode, this version of space invaders isn’t too bad.

Turns out the chip I thought was bad was actually fine. I read the diagram wrong and instead there was a bad trace to a different chip. So one bodge wire later and I have a working Osborne 1.

In my hubris, I soldered the AVR directly to the board then noticed a programming error. A few hand burns later the 40 pin DIP is now desoldered, reprogrammed and socketed and I have a working flashrom for my TI-99/4a.

Since it’s so hard to get a PS5/Xbox or the ryzen 5k and rtx 3k to build a new gaming PC, I went the opposite direction with my gaming budget. A Tandy 1000TX. With a hard drive!

I don’t know if my Pinephone will ever be my daily driver, but being serviceable and able to buy replacement/upgrade motherboards from the manufacturer is pretty neat.

New Nvidia card for my gaming rig has arrived. A TNT2 Pro.

Had to return my new laptop and waiting on another, so with no dosbox I had to go with the real thing to get in some Ultima 4

With an Osborne 1, I knew it was only a matter of time before this popped, luckily I ordered a replacement I ordered the computer and it’s in place.

Repaired an old iMac I got for free. While a slightly older model and a different color than what I had, one of these was the first computer that I bought myself, so this has a bit more nostalgia attached to it than my other old computers.

It’s been a month since I started collect vintage computers. This may have gotten out of hand. And I still have an Osborne 1 on the way.

Nice turns out that the battery is this old PowerBook still holds a charge. Now to rebuild the PRAM battery and figure out what’s wrong with the CD-ROM.

Never mind that my “cassette player” is a thousand times more powerful than the computer.

It’s no CRT(shipping cost is generally prohibitive), but it is at least 4:3 and I’ve got a decent composite to VGA adapter along with a little Bluetooth speaker on sound duty. Should work for my N64, Genesis, and a Commodore 64 that’s on the way.

I upgraded cooling and airflow of my PC so now it runs super cools and not overheating any more. Downside is now I can leave it in the floor or it sucks up too much dust. Now it’s blocking a lot of my paints, but it did make me clean up my desk. At least the motherboard is already microatx, so Maybe finding a more space friendly case won’t be too hard.

I guess my weekend is planned as long as I get the A/V cable for this soon enough.

Old Chromebook + Linux + Gcompris = Happy Three year old “working” with dad.

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