This quote basically sums up why I use pretty standard Ubuntu despite being pretty technically adept:

"because it's a bleeding-edge distro—one targeted to the very newest software, possibly at the expense of stability. That's not what I personally want in an operating system—I fix broken things professionally; I'd prefer not to fix them personally any more than I have to"


@bsharitt Not only "bleeding edge" but literally has experimental features. You could equate that to the alpha version of an OS.

I'm not hating. Some people enjoy that. But not the majority. For example, this sampling of gamers does have some Fedora users:

@bsharitt I agree. In the past I've installed a Gentoo system from scratch. My home server runs Arch Linux and supports FreeBSD VMs which are built from ports.

On my laptop and desktop I'm happy to run Linux Mint with the most demanding maintenance task being a kernel update.

Easy for general computing is a real plus. Of couse, it could be an age thing. 😊

@bsharitt That being said, it's worth mentioning that rolling release != bleeding edge && rolling release != unstable. A lot of people seem to get these confused.

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