So after a year and a half working from home, there's a lot of good to take away from it, but I've noticed one big downside. I just don't want to sit at my desk when I get done with work. Which means any hobbies or personal projects get seriously curtailed. So now my work laptop is at a table on the other side of my office and I guess we'll see how that works out.

Every time I use my work Macbook as a laptop(as opposed hooked up to my KVM at my desk) I always want to use is as a touch screen. I think I've just gotten so used to most non-Macbook having touch screens nowadays it's something I take for granted in any slightly premium feeling laptop. While it's not a primary input method, have a touch screen on a laptop just feels so natural and I wish Apple would catch up.

I had an interesting experience with a Verizon CS rep yesterday and I'm pretty sure he fucked up my account out of anger. I already have pretty low expectations of Verizon support and they failed even those.

The recruiter spam I get for short term contract work is annoying enough, but the ones that take the time to point out that they know you have a current job seem more annoying. They're basically saying "You seem to have have a salaried job with benefits, do you want to leave it for my crappy 3 month contract with no benefits?"

Blog post about how I keep trying make myself learn "correctly", but it's the wrong way for me.

Looks like a "refreshed" Firefox profile wasn't enough to fix my notification issue, I just had to nuke the profile and start from scratch. So far so good.

Looks like I spoke too soon. The "Notifications blocked" icon is there, but there the bouncing notification icon still comes up.

Looks like a refresh of firefox is just what the doctor ordered. Only downside of my work computer Firefox not being synced with Firefox Sync is that I have to remember to go install all my extensions again manually.

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Looks like the notification problem is only and issue on my Mac. Could be a profile issue. It's probably my longest used profile(often OS switching on my PC).

Is there any way to make that stupid bouncing notification icon to go away entirely in Firefox? I find it more annoying than the popup. At least with the popup, when I clicked never allow notifications, I never saw it again, but I'm seeing that stupid distracting bouncing icon everytime I open Fosstodon. Looks like notifications I clicked under the popup regime retain their never status. Maybe it's a bug.

Why is it when I decide that I want to contribute to an opensource project and start looking for bugs, all the software I use starts to behave?

Is it weird that I rarely ever ate BLTs when I was eating meat, but now that my diet is all plant based, BLTs with plant based 'bacon' is one of my go to foods now?

I think that Medium is trying to increase engagement with their stupid "pardon the interruption, please sign in" pop up, but at this point know that's what I'm going to see first just makes me less like to click Medium links.

I don’t see how this makes sense as the default for blocking addresses in Apple Mail. They must have used Apple Maps to navigate to that definition for blocked.

Second stop on my desktop environment journey this evening was Enlightenment. From a distance it looks super slick and what I'd always imaged the "future of computers" to look like, but sadly every time I actually use it, the facade crumbles and it always feels super clunky like a 90's era linux desktop. The clunkiness is one thing, but married to the nice look, it always makes it feel more disappointing.

I occasionally install CDE and it's always surprisingly usable.

If anybody has any suggestions for a good git client for iOS that can pull from and push to repos and allow me to edit files, I’d would be very interested.

I started out writing a couple of sentences for the about section of my blog explaining why there's no comment, but then it expanded into a short post about how my feelings on the current state of community on the internet.

Even though I've had duplicity backing up to b2 for a while, only now can I actually say I have back ups because I finally got around to testing a restore and it worked.

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