Why do people on Amazon answer questions like this? Do they think the questions are personally aimed at them?

While I'll probably be keeping my Pixel 3a XL, even if just as a non-emulated Android development test target, it looks like I'll be back on team iPhone tomorrow. Not been as much of a crusade this time around, but I'm slowly de-Googling again.

It appears that drunken pretzel eating has left my head phones covered in mustard.

Hmm... a refurbished, I'm sorry "renewed", IPhone Xr seems like would be the obvious way to go, except I get a 10% veterans discount which brings the price difference for new from $150 to $90, breaking that all important $100 mental barrier. Now is $90 worth an official charger, headphones and no scratches out of the box?

Non-Gmail email on Android is such a second class citizen. It's really starting to overpower my reasons for picking Android over iPhone.

This is actually a significant slow down compared to normal that I've been seeing since the coronavirus self-quarantines really started to kick in.

Birthdays, the day you get emails from forums you forgot you had accounts at.

I don't want to complain about it finally being spring, but this is a super awkward time for my normal seasonal allergies to start kicking in.

I guess I'm not totally unaffected by the quarantine stuff. The kids are basically have an early summer home from school and of course are spending more time at home than a typical summer. So I did have to buy new headphones.

Anybody out there used github.com/ContainerSolutions/ or anything similar to unpack helm charts into something more kustomize friendly? Hashicorp seems to really like helm and we're pretty well standardized on kustomize.

Everybody talking about their struggles with quarantines and lockdowns, and I'm over here as a homebody who already works from home not noticing a difference.

When the first song in an "instrumental" playlist has vocals, I don't have high hopes for the rest of the list.

After all the stocking up happening now, I wonder if food banks will see an uptick in canned food donations once this pandemic subsides.

Had a drive in my zpool die and I almost bit the bullet on doing my long planned storage upgrade with all new disks, but I found an extra disk in the closet of the proper size, so I guess I'll wait to drop a few hundred bucks another day. The warranty on the bad drive expired in 2013, so I guess I got enough life out it. I think my drives have an average age of 8 years, so the upgrade will probably come soon enough.

I know it's irrational, but I feel somewhat personally attacked whenever I see recommendations for Jr. SysAdmim roles(or Jr roles in general) on linkedin.

So after a year and a half working from home, there's a lot of good to take away from it, but I've noticed one big downside. I just don't want to sit at my desk when I get done with work. Which means any hobbies or personal projects get seriously curtailed. So now my work laptop is at a table on the other side of my office and I guess we'll see how that works out.

Every time I use my work Macbook as a laptop(as opposed hooked up to my KVM at my desk) I always want to use is as a touch screen. I think I've just gotten so used to most non-Macbook having touch screens nowadays it's something I take for granted in any slightly premium feeling laptop. While it's not a primary input method, have a touch screen on a laptop just feels so natural and I wish Apple would catch up.

I had an interesting experience with a Verizon CS rep yesterday and I'm pretty sure he fucked up my account out of anger. I already have pretty low expectations of Verizon support and they failed even those. sharitt.com/2020/02/20/a-tale-

The recruiter spam I get for short term contract work is annoying enough, but the ones that take the time to point out that they know you have a current job seem more annoying. They're basically saying "You seem to have have a salaried job with benefits, do you want to leave it for my crappy 3 month contract with no benefits?"

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