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Spreading FUD against a project, shaming contributors for signing a CLA, or qualifying a company producing Free Software as evil for dual licensing won't make your own project better. It just makes you an asshole.

The new version of KDE's @matrix chat app, Neochat is out! NeoChat 1.2 comes with bubbles, a better text input component, fancy effects, an easier way to switch between accounts and much more. Go check it out!

Today is that time of year when you go,

"How much thermal paste you apply?"

Cleaning PC and re-applying thermal paste.


TIL authorized_keys files can contain more than just public keys.
You can control source hosts of each key, limit the port forwarding, execute commands upon login.
In 20+ years of working on Unix/Linux systems, I've never seen this used.


We just added three new apps to PlasmaTube (a YouTube client), AudioTube (a Youtube Music client) and Kasts (a podcast player).

hmm, so kids, if you initialize variables with null and don't set value later on they stay null, magic for changing them to valid value has not been invented yet.

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Lots of yak shaving,

- want to fix mute and speaker mode in dialer
- got annoyed by existing PulseAudio wrapper in dialer
- port it to pulseaudio-qt first
- Find a bug in it
- attempt to fix it but don't test it fully
- Broken change gets merged and now everything is broken 💔

Aaaaaaaa 😭

Is it me or every image on @fosstodon is broken? (specifically one part of toot and not profile pictures)

Introducing the first ever @kde + LMMS Sound Competition 🎶! Get your sounds on to Plasma Mobile, win KDE goodies and have your music 🎸 promoted to tens of thousands of users!

Check out the rules at

Submit your sounds to:


Tagged Megapixels 1.0, featuring GPU debayer and GTK4 thanks to benjamin :D

Developers have also fixed bugs, added two-stage notification/quick settings drawer to the top of the shell, improved the performance of the lock screen, and started working on multiple pages on the home-screen.

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The @kde team has been hard at work making existing apps easier and more fun to use, and adding brand new ones to the catalog. Discover what's new with NeoChat, Elisa, Plasmatube, DayKountdown, Kolibri and many more great apps for your phone.

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