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It was obvious but just saying again, @kde @plasmamobile does not have any control over what you can or can not install on your phone. โค๏ธ

eyecontact, and lots of speaky words 

Here, have a video about the PinePhone Plasma Convergence edition what i put together, in which i take it out of the box and play with it a bit and have opinions! :) #unboxing #floss #kde #pinephone

so uh I need help, my PC have two mic ports basically, front case port and one directly on motherboard. It seems to be adding some white noise in BOTH Of this this port. I know mic is fine because I used it in laptop and there it worked completely fine.

Even if I don't connect anything to both ports and then try pulseaudio loopback module and switch to this ports I hear white noise. So I'm probably missing something here but don't know what.

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@kdecommunity CE shipping update, explaining why some PinePhones were 'returned to shipper' by DHL earlier today.

TL;DR - units will be resent in approx. 1 week with different battery warning labels.

For more details read:

Ever needed to see new websites on old systems? Here is a solution I always wanted ๐Ÿคฏ:

To people leaving Whatsapp for Signal or Telegram. It is good that you are migrating but I am sure this is just another hyped temporary migration similar to one that you people did when migrating from twitter to mastodon. After 2-3 months you'll be back where you were.

For one thing it was really funny when you started introducing yourself on mastodon thanks for ruining the peace here momentarily.

There is no procrastination, it's called lazy initializiation.

Just some screenshots of the Angelfish webbrowser running on the Pinephone.

Note: Angelfish is a qtwebengine (basically blink) based browser for Plasma mobile. It's definitely one of the best browsers for the Pinephone and works on all Plasma mobile and Phosh distros.

I am in love with the soundtrack of ๐ŸŽต ๐ŸŽต ๐ŸŽต

Special favorite: The Universe is Deterministic (Plainsong Pt3)

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