@dos more like broken rootfs also it says 300GB available out of 400 GB which sounds like lie. 👀

/boot is clearly mountable because it is UEFI boot and it is showing emergency console thingie so wtf?

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Actually how the heck do you even end up where /boot can't be mounted? Wtf?

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So exciting: /boot can't be mounted and kernel modules can't be loaded. 💩

me to my browser who has finished eating 8GB memory: are you done yet? Or should I order more?

browser: few more bytes please.


and last but not least


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and of course

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🗳️ choose then boost :boost_requested:

I admit I felt a bit ambivalent about the desktop wallpaper for KDE's Plasma 5.25, but the effect on #plasmamobile (seen here running on the PinePhone Pro) is enchanting.

@calebccff check ipv6 related options, there's nftables related ipv6 option, which disabled prevents from proper routing being set-up

My phone just recognised "Ok Google, Set alarm for 35 minutes" and set an alarm for 35 minutes from a Juicer noise.

I think we are reasonably safe from any kind of hostile AI takeover.

TIL newton’s pendulum has way more „moves“ than I originally thought it has (never owned one myself and just always saw one in films etc.)


gangnam style ft. newton’s pendulum by xmphysics

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