rant, abusive language 

They are apparently on rant mode and abusing whole of KDE community, just because a single bug.

This ensures that at least I or few developers I know won't ever take them seriously.

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. @kde and @Ubports developers met at KDAB office in Berlin last month for sprint

Shell Design improvements, New icons, performance improvements and various new features and applications

Read report from sprint at : plasma-mobile.org/2020/03/09/P

Fix 1 little error ...
Fix 1 little error ...
You have 0 errors ...

Let's try to make this something nicer ...
You have 46 errors ...

by @kde update for week 11 and 12: Application updates including repeating events in Calindori, UI improvements in Okular, Provider configuration in the Ktrip, image for @PINE64

Read more at : plasma-mobile.org/2019/12/20/P

Come to the conf.kde.in in Delhi in January! We now have all our speakers booked and a full schedule. Learn about the coolest apps, how Free Software is making its way in India and developing for all kinds of platforms from the KDE experts.


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