How to (not) escalation for MR review: ping "all" so that it subscribes all GitLab users and effectively makes it impossible to open that MR for everyone :blobcatangery:

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What do you mean by all, @bshah? Like, everyone on that instance? Why does that feature even exist?

@cnx dunno, I mean it kinda makes sense for smaller organisation and self hosted instances but definitely not for laaaarge organization.

@bshah, I think that’s how ping works. It’s only wrong when it’s too frequent. If the organization is too large, perhaps it can adopt some hierarchy like the Linux kernel where patches are sent to only the maintainers in scope. GitLab UX is not very suitable for that however.

Why would it make it impossible to open the MR for everyone though? I thought 32 GB memory requirement of GitLab should be able to handle any number of user visiting an instance at once.

@cnx I think what happened is a self DDoS,

User tagged all and when users tried to open MR it tried to fetch information about MR including all subscribers in MR. So let's say all tagged 100 users and 10 users out of that opened MR that's 100 * 10 requests. And mind you this is super large organization.

@bshah, even 100k almost simultaneous requests shouldn’t be a problem, especially with proper caching. I believe that it was either a GitLab bug or a downtime coincidence.

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