I did

~ rm -r *

Good news: I now have 160 GB of free space

Good news: it did not reach my kdesrc and src dir.

Bad news: it cleared out all of my steam games

Good news: all of Documents were backed up in nextcloud and they got restored.

Bad news: it cleared out all of my Downloads dir which is not exactly backed up thing

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@bshah The bad news is you deleted everything in Downloads... the good news is, technically... the state of your Downloads dir right now is something you can restore any time.


So on the balance of things, it's mostly good news. I'll have to start doing that myself at least once a week. ๐Ÿ™‚

With nextcloud you were lucky, because nextcloud is not a backup tool. If you erase a file locally it will also be gone from nextcloud. (Nextcloud has this file versions optional app, where you can restore them later, bit still.) Maybe you erased the nextcloud local database or I don't know what, so that the sync didn't happen, but I'd say this was more good luck than anything else.

@bshah atleast it saved you the time neededto sort the download folder. Here I have all the garbage collected in it. :(

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