so uh I need help, my PC have two mic ports basically, front case port and one directly on motherboard. It seems to be adding some white noise in BOTH Of this this port. I know mic is fine because I used it in laptop and there it worked completely fine.

Even if I don't connect anything to both ports and then try pulseaudio loopback module and switch to this ports I hear white noise. So I'm probably missing something here but don't know what.

@bshah electric noise from rest of the computer? Get a cheapo usb soundcard and see if that fixes it

@bshah sounds like you have mic or line in not muted in your payback settings.

@bshah sometimes the playback volume of the input channels becomes unmuted. Its rather annoying. Audio systems are very unreliable

@IsMailinatorBlocked they seem to be muted :/

so it seems to me that noise in mic recordings is from electronic interference.. I will try USB soundcard as others suggested.

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