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TL;DR: No more support for Halium.
Definitely understandable in the light of new open devices and limited resources. While it's also a bit sad it also shows that Halium is a bit less plug-and-play than I thought.

@solarkraft @kde @plasmamobile It really depends, for UBports and SailfishOS or LuneOS for example who already have a quite some infrastructure for android devices, Halium is definitely plug-an-play. But for projects like Plasma Mobile where some infrastructure needs to be written from scratch, it is not simple.

@bshah @kde @plasmamobile Thanks for letting us know. We agree that using the "properly" free way, is better than accomodating oneself with a proprietary binary code base. Less uphill battle makes you move faster! :)

@bshah @kde @plasmamobile IMO a very good decision. Personally I've always deliberately skipped Halium-based projects in my efforts. Don't just port your stuff to foreign platforms; own the platform! ;)

@bshah @kde @plasmamobile

As a KDE user, totally support your decision. Looking forward to more resources being put into supporting PlaMo on PinePhone and Librem5, the latter of which should hopefully ship to me within a month!

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