Hey people, here's a thing, stop making buildsystem. Yes, I'm talking to you!

In worst case use autotools, or write Makefiles manually, but stop making new buildsystems!

And no your buildsystem is not going to be revolutionary. It will suck and no-one apart from you will use it and people will curse you.

Stop it!


Everytime you make a new buildsystem, kitten dies! Don't do it for sake of kittens!

Also while at it. Don't even try to make a package managers disguised as buildsystem. kthxbye.

@carl @bshah At least GNU Guix is fine, it disguises as an operating system.

I'm sticking to Nix, it's a build system disguised as a package manager

@bshah I remember at the beginning of my linux days, (so ugh, almost 2 decades ago now) for a while i had a kludge of pure makefiles as.. init system, it was awesome and disgusting at the same time (until it stopped booting at all, of course ;)

@notmart build system as a package manager was limit, build system as a init system is whole new level.. It's disgusting that I love it 😂

@bshah eh, was a naive approach to service dependencies and boot parallelism... taken many years to actually have init systems which do it natively and properly ;)

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