Thread, @kde sprint has started.

First we do introductions as there are some new faces. ๐Ÿค—

ยท 3 ยท 6 ยท 10

At the moment we have 11 developers working in different area of the Plasma and KDE community.

Aleix Pol talks about the Developer Story, Two parts of story, where devs want to work on two parts, applications and the base system itself.

We also talked about flatpak integration with the kdevelop, and ideas for improvement.

Currently discussing the shell or user interface improvement and current pain points.

While at the moment is not going to be completely re-designed, we are planning for polishing the current user interface.

After lunch break, we're back in office, currently going through Settings application, and all the related modules.

Result of this process is in the end creating the to-do items that can be worked upon by community or the developer.

we have plans to release the related components which makes Plasma Mobile, so that distribution can package it in their repositories.

This was planned at end of Akademy 2018 anyway.

It is being discussed that whether one should use the Kirigami toolkit for or it is just specific to

Answer to this really depends on your use-case.

Currently I am building WIP branch of @postmarketOS community member Clayton Craft which makes it possible to install on @Purism development Kit.

I am excited!

@bshah @postmarketOS @Purism Perfect timing as I should be getting mine this Thursday :)
I hope I can replace android by linux / kde mobile in future.
But maybe it will stay only a dream like Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch, and many other ...

@bshah @kde if plasma mobile actually becomes a thing i can get from a carrier phone please count me in

it will actually be my first ever smartphone

i'm not a fan of android or ios for way to many reasons to fit in this toot

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