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Gotta say mostly disappointed that we learnt about new doctor over social media and not in form of "surprise" in regeneration :/

Do you have a jenkins at work? Is it also a dumpster fire?

me: how do I automate the password authentication when using ssh?
internet: do you know that password authentication is insecure and you should use the keypairs?
me: ... but
internet: it can allow intruder to login in your host.

Aaah @Linux4Everyone while ago you had posted about some deck building + roguelike game here. I forgot to bookmark it at that point and now I'm having hard time finding it.

Can you help? :ablobcatbongo:

Plasma Mobile is a full Linux-based system. Not only can you #degoogle your phone, but also enjoy an ecosystem based exclusively on #FreeSoftware (also known as 'open source'). In our talk, Bhushan gives a clear overview of the benefits and limitations of #PlasmaMobile.

What are my options if I want to run my phone with #FreeSoftware? For our #UpcyclingAndroid campaign we interviewed Plasma Mobile developer Bhushan Shah from KDE about running a privacy-respecting and secure GNU/Linux ecosystem on your phone.

@bshah @kde

Repeat after me, distributions should not be patching things at downstream level unless upstream releases it or recommends patching.

Especially when it introduces freaking new API(!!!!) This ensures that no sane developer can make use of your platform/distribution to develop.


Wordle 250 6/6 

Got it almost


Finally took some time to sit down and write some documentation:

Still in early stages, but should provide a good introduction for potential contributors!

Who doesn't love Konqi pictures everywhere??

Wordle 242 6/6 

That's not even word. Gtfo


And after quite a bit of time, finally the next part of the pinephone camera series

Sooooo I finally figured it out! Thanks to @craftyguy for hint and sending me in right direction!

Someone *cough* used the 6+2 connector (one with Daisy chain) instead of proper 8 pin connector to power GPU when they cleaned computer last month.

Which I think caused brownout for GPU. I know that internet is quite divided on this topic but for what I know switching to the 8 pin connector made my GPU behave instantly. (Or maybe it's thoroughly done dust cleaning)

Whatever! I'm finally happy 😁

Try #2 of reviving workstation, LTS kernel works but doesn't allow me to play games and still dies within 15 minutes max.

I know it's not CPU or hardware issue as I've verified that if I switch to tty and do stress testing of cpu, it doesn't die. Only GPU intensive things kill it.

I know it's not GPU Hardware issue as Kubuntu works fine with it. So something is borked with Arch install. I don't really want to switch distros

On latest @postmarketOS edge with @plasmamobile
virtual keyboard does not prompt.

Workaround is to get access to a terminal session, either with ssh or TTYescape and add:


into /etc/xdg/kwinrc.

Thanks to @bshah

#mobilelinux #linuxmobile

Argh 😫

Kernel 5.16.x is broken beyond repair on AMD :(

There's multiple issues with the suspend/resume, runtime power management and random crashers.

Killing my productivity completely.

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