Fixed a leaky pressure vacuum breaker for my yard's sprinkler system. My new neighbor asked, do you know how to fix those? My reply to her, "I'm learning as I go, I'm learning as I go...".

I'm fine with calling my floppy disks and CDs for storage obsolete. Just be nice and leave my USB thumb drives alone. - 4 smart reasons to keep an old USB drive around

Why I can subscribe and stream the Kansas City Royals on my TV in South Dakota while my Dad in Kansas City cannot makes no sense. MLB is losing the home town due to only being available on cable TV and enforcing streaming blackouts.

Goodbye G-Suite Legacy. It's really too bad Google never offered an option for family that wanted to use "custom domains". We certainly didn't need the whole enterprise level of office suite products that added the cost. Just wanted an email without attached to the end.

As an IT professional, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing why my fix actually fixed the issue. I'm only left with unsatisfying working theories. How much was luck and how much was skill...apparently no one knows.


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