I recently tried KDE Plasma for the first time. It's pretty cool, but I feel it's quite bloated...what do you guys think of Plasma? I'm still trying to find the right distro/DE/wm for me...it's been a bit exhausting.

So...my brain is melting. I've been distro hopping like a mad man again lately, mainly because I tried using a wm and was instantly hooked...so then I kept trying different wm...on different distros...but the issue is I'm not skilled enough (yet) to be able to configure my whole wm and system. Now DE just seem so blah to me though. So, now I'm back to searching for that sweet spot. In better news, I have managed to install Arch the "Arch way" and I need a rolling release distro in my life.

So...I've moved over to ArcoLinux with bspwm. It's almost too good. I think if anyone wants to use Arch Linux, without spending an hour on installation, ArcoLinux and EndeavourOS are the best options available.

It's official...I've found my distro of choice. I have landed on EndeavourOS running XFCE. It is so good. All the benefits of Arch Linux, but you get a simple installation and a beautiful DE. I love it. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do it ASAP. @EndeavourOS

I can't stop distro hopping. I'm in a dark dark place. Someone send help.

So, I'm relatively new to the FOSS/Linux world (though I'm absolutely all about it) and I was wondering why things like HexChat are so popular. I haven't really seen anyone talking about IRC chat channels or anything. If anyone knows how I can learn more about this stuff, I would appriciate it!

P.S.- If you have any recommendations or knowledge about other commonly used Linux communications tools and how to get involved, let me know!

Ok. New account set up. I'm ready to talk about some FOSS.


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