Thinking about purchasing a Raspberry Pi and installing Pi-Hole on it 🤔

I'm pretty sure the newest model is overkill, though

In the end I found a nice Pi4 Bundle, went for it after learning all the cool stuff you can keep running on it, thanks for the help guys!

@brwolfgang I run both nextcloud and pihole on a RPi3+, works great.

It's well worth it (PiHole)!

@kungtotte Seems that Pi3+ is the way to go, thanks for the info

@brwolfgang Pi Hole is nice. Also makes a good Tor Router for IoT devices.

@brwolfgang enjoy! I've done a lot with my v3, I like DietPi ( for an easy way to install a lot of the usual self-hosted stuff, including PiHole.

@eatingbrb Hey thanks for the tip, this will surely speed things up!

@brwolfgang I have PiHole, Unbound and PiVPN running on a Pi3+ and its still got room for more! Get a Pi3+ and you'll be fine. Pihole is so awesome though.

@cavaliertusky Thanks for the info! Gonna do my homework and find out what Unbound is

@brwolfgang Oh I can tell you haha! Its just a recursive DNS server Here is the best info I found on it:

@cavaliertusky That was quick! Thanks again, gonna read it later tonight

@brwolfgang don't even think about it, just do it. Pi4 is overkill, any old pi if you want Ethernet, pi zero if WiFi is not an issue

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