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Just found this piece of code intending to make the execution pause for 10 seconds. It's just a regular monday.

Ok I am convinced: a 4K screen with HDR can produce gorgeous images indeed.

Got some new headphones with noise cancelling, this thing is a miracle at work!

Just transferred 6GB of files between two computers (Win10 and OSX) at home using Nitroshare and it took less than a minute, I am deeply impressed.

why is there this consistent assumption that mastodon has a universal cultural identity when the whole point is that it's decentralized into a network of different communities

Last night there was a huge fire in the city where I live, around 600 homes destroyed by the flames (PT-BR content:

Even though the times are hard there are tons of people giving food, shelter and clothing to those in need.

Humans can be awesome when they want to.

I am torn apart between Pixelmator Pro and Affinity Photo, don't know which to buy

are children small or just far away???

Who spots me serious with my hadphones on has no idea I'm blasting Poker Face by Lady Gaga

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