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Just found this piece of code intending to make the execution pause for 10 seconds. It's just a regular monday.

Developer Pro Tip:

When you copy code from stackoverflow, make sure it's from the answer, not the question.

the year is 2030. we've finally killed off that sun microsystems programming language, you don't get popups asking to update it anymore. they even built a tomb for it so people could pay their respects, but nobody goes. real programmers don't like java's crypt

The hardest part is waiting for it to arrive, it’ll take more than a week =/

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Got myself a MacBook Pro 16” (2019) as a replacement to my second hand MacBook Pro 2014 (with more than a few screen issues caused by the old owner), I’m so excited!

I’m re-reading The Lord of The Rings after more than 15 years, gosh how much i have forgotten

Rare photo of mother wrench feeding her hatchlings in the wild. Breathtaking

Introducing Inkscape 1.0! After a little over three years in development, we're excited to launch this long-awaited version for Windows and Linux (and the macOS preview) Watch the release video ( and download it here:

Note: If the download link doesn't work, check back a little later. The files are being propagated across our CDN.

Cryptomator is looking really good after the update.


Any reasonably scaled Lego model is more expensive than the original it is trying to imitate.

I’ve been completely absorbed by Animal Crossing

Ok I admit, I may have developed an addiction to Animal Crossing...

What was the last piece of software you were so glad existed that you paid for a license/donated?

My raspberry pi is now handling all my dhcp needs, and pihole is killing all the ads... ❤️

I know the headline is "NPM joins GitHub", but it's hard not to read it as "Microsoft acquires Javascript"

So Microsoft bought Github and just in: NPM too, not sure about the future of this environment

Please be safe, even if you are not on a risk group you may contact people who are.

Remember to be kind to one another and to take just what you need.

It seems that my Raspberry Pi will arrive monday! Yay!

When you first use a script blocker on you browser it's impossible not to notice how many third party domains are involved when loading a "simple" webpage

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