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Just found this piece of code intending to make the execution pause for 10 seconds. It's just a regular monday.

I have joined an ongoing Java project at work and got my hands dirty refactoring some legacy code. It's interestind how the "let's keep adding features and never look back" approach can mess up a codebase over time.

Alfred Workflows are amazingly powerful, just learned how to build script filter with Python and I am blown away (mostly because Python rocks, of course)

We have compiled a list of services that small businesses can use to encrypt their data and day-to-day communications. Switching to these tools will help any office improve its cyber security. #E2EE

Any chance you guys have a channel on a Hubzilla instance? Drop me the link to your profile over there, let's connect.

Finally managed to selfhost Wallabag! Good bye Pocket

So I bought a Nintendo Switch and damn! Mario Odyssey is fantastic! Also the console is a huge improvement over Wii U (which I had, too)

Just replaced Google+ with Mastodon in the social links section on the website! Represent!

Ok I am convinced: a 4K screen with HDR can produce gorgeous images indeed.

Got some new headphones with noise cancelling, this thing is a miracle at work!

Just transferred 6GB of files between two computers (Win10 and OSX) at home using Nitroshare and it took less than a minute, I am deeply impressed.

why is there this consistent assumption that mastodon has a universal cultural identity when the whole point is that it's decentralized into a network of different communities

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