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Just found this piece of code intending to make the execution pause for 10 seconds. It's just a regular monday.

Alfred Workflows are amazingly powerful, just learned how to build script filter with Python and I am blown away (mostly because Python rocks, of course)

We have compiled a list of services that small businesses can use to encrypt their data and day-to-day communications. Switching to these tools will help any office improve its cyber security. #E2EE

Any chance you guys have a channel on a Hubzilla instance? Drop me the link to your profile over there, let's connect.

Finally managed to selfhost Wallabag! Good bye Pocket

So I bought a Nintendo Switch and damn! Mario Odyssey is fantastic! Also the console is a huge improvement over Wii U (which I had, too)

Just replaced Google+ with Mastodon in the social links section on the website! Represent!

Ok I am convinced: a 4K screen with HDR can produce gorgeous images indeed.

Got some new headphones with noise cancelling, this thing is a miracle at work!

Just transferred 6GB of files between two computers (Win10 and OSX) at home using Nitroshare and it took less than a minute, I am deeply impressed.

why is there this consistent assumption that mastodon has a universal cultural identity when the whole point is that it's decentralized into a network of different communities

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